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Flawless Aqua Mix products with Advanced Specialized Equipment

Advanced Specialized Equipment is a specialist in cleaning and janitorial equipment. We have the expertise in selecting and offering only suitable cleaning supplies to all our customers. We have a team of experts who have an eye for detail and supervise all the products that are being offered to the customers.

We have suppliers such as Steamway International, US products, Rollervac, Rotovac, and Windsor who have made their equipment available. These are some of the best companies manufacturing qualitative cleaning supplies.

Aqua Mix grout colourant:

Aqua Mix products sell preeminent cleaning products that will facilitate easy cleaning. These products are made with precision as they can damage or hamper any surface due to a chemical reaction. They can be used on all surfaces as they have been developed to suit and clean all surfaces.

Aqua Mix Grout colourant is an easy-to-use cleaning supply. It can completely recolour, seal, and rejuvenate the grout joints.

Features of Aqua Mix grout colourant:

  • It is designed with a durable epoxy formula.
  • It is extremely easy to use.
  • Has high stain resistance.
  • The key feature about the grout colourant is that lasts until 15 years.

You can use Aqua Mix grout colourant on:

  • Sanded and unsanded joints.
  • Epoxy grout joints
  • Effectively applicable to the interior and exterior
  • Suitable on new or existing grouts

You need to be careful:

  • You cannot use solvent-based cleaners on recoloured grout joints.
  • Tiles that are porous need sealing to ensure the colourant is not absorbed into the tile.
  • Grout colourant is not recommended for underwater use as it consists of hydrostatic pressure.
  • If any sealers are applied before the application of Aqua Mix grout colourant, make sure you remove them to provide a bondable surface.

How to apply?

  • Chemical resistant gloves should be used for efficient handling of the product.
  • The instructions on the back of the product must be read carefully.
  • Shake well before using.

The time required for drying:

  • The surface is ready for traffic in two hours.
  • Make sure the area is dry for at least a day.
  • For a successful grout, avoid any kind of scrubbing or tampering with the joints for at least 20 days.

How to clean the equipment?

  • Clean the equipment with water and soap.
  • No harsh chemical is required for this job.

Advanced Specialized Equipment is certified by the Australian Consumer court to offer cleaning supplies. We have the best team on board to make sure what you receive is just not a mere false claim. We wish to revolutionise the cleaning industry by dispensing the best services we can.

We supply some of the best hospitals and cleaning industries. Their faith in us is unshaken. We have persistently grown our standards and now we are a trendsetter in the Australian market.

We offer quick delivery of all the products because we value time. Shop with us online and you can also track your product. With us, you will have an ideal experience that will make you feel important and valued.



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Get Daily Updates From Us Write Email ID Below