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Granite & Marble Stain Remover Products

Advanced Specialized Equipment has developed a wide range of special products for solving problems related to the tile and stone industries. Our products solve multiple cleaning problems related to stone, tile and grout.

With our products, you can rest assured of the best quality cleaning for the following purposes:

  • Stain removal
  • Enhanced fluorescence/shine
  • Complete removal of rust
  • Regaining the old finish
  • Complete removal of hazardous residues


We offer a wide range of industrial cleaners for the commercial as well as residential purposes.


Our concrete efflorescence is an organic, no-phosphates, acid treatment designed for cleaning grout, mineral deposits, mortar and efflorescence. Our Nanoscrub cleaner is an abrasive cream cleanser designed for use where other cleansers are not effective. It is perfect for porcelain tile cleaning.


Our sealer and coating remover are non-flammable, multifunctional stripper designed to stay wet for a long time which reduces the time to remove most sealers, epoxy grinding hazel, urethane covering, synthetic finishing, adhesives and paints.


Our grout haze remover is a safe and effective cleaner that is used to clean grout to remove cemented grout and tile latex additive film.


Our marble stain remover and granite stain remover are excellent and safe cleaners. It removes stains from the most common tile and natural stone products.


Our efflorescence cleaner and efflorescence remover are uniquely efficient products for the removal and control of efflorescence. It is a lot safer than harsh harmful acids. The Non-Flammable Acid is designed to eliminate years of accumulated colouring. It helps with the problems caused by atmospheric pollution or carbon accumulation, tannic smoke, soot, red soil and rust.


Our stain remover products, poultice stain remover and stone stain remover are very efficient for all-natural surfaces of stone and tile.



Marble gets easily stained, especially if it is left unattended for a longer period. The first thing to do is to wipe the liquid off with a piece of cloth and make the marble dry as soon as possible. For a homemade cleaner, you can use baking soda or hydrogen peroxide to remove the stain. However, baking soda does not always work, and hydrogen peroxide takes a minimum of 24 hours to work. Using a good quality marble stain remover will be the best solution in this case. The remover works perfectly on all types of natural marbles, even granite when used in the right proportion. Do not use any acid agent for cleaning the stains though.

The stain treatment on marble differs based on what type of stain it is. There are organic stains, hard water stains, rust stains, and so on. For stains caused by rust, it is recommended to use the best quality marble stain remover. Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide are the two most common agents often used to remove stains from marble. However, rust stains do not always go away with these agents. You also need to wait for at least 24 hours to see if the stain remover is working. The right consistency of the solution works. So, if it is a really expensive piece of marble, you should leave it to the experts.

First, you have to check out the nature of the stain. For regular stain cleaning, you can use any natural cleaning agent or a mild soap available on the market. In the case of water spots, detergent and water will do the work. All you need is a little scrub. For tough stains, you will need a granite stain remover. This remover contains hydrogen peroxide that works well for stain removal. Never use acid-based chemicals on granite, as it may cause nasty reactions. Rather, you can check out granite stain remover products that are free from acids and remain gentle on the granite too.



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