The best quality cleaning supplies with Advanced Specialized Equipment

Advanced Specialized Equipment has the reputation of being among the top cleaning supply providers. We have been in this industry for a long time to understand the importance of cleaning supplies. Knowledge and quality cleaning products are what sets us apart from other companies in the country.

Why should you choose us?

There are uncountable reasons as to why one should consider us over any other cleaning supply provider company. The most important of them all is customer satisfaction. All that we do is for our lovely customers. We are just a pile of bricks and stones without them. Here are the reasons listed:

  • We are the authorised leading suppliers of local cleaning products.
  • All our products are mandated according to the Australian Consumer Law
  • We have the required warranty from the country which allows us to provide services.
  • The delivery of al are products is fast and the best part is you can track them online.
  • We bring only the perfect cleaning products to the Australian market.
  • Since we only get the perfect, all our products are guaranteed.

Aqua Mix Enrich n Seal and Aqua Mix gold:

Aqua Mix is a company that manufactures the most desired cleaning supplies. Among them is Aqua Mix enrich seal and aqua Mix gold. These are designed using the state-of-the-art technology. A lot goes behind making an ideal chemical that can make cleaning on the fingertips. Aqua Mix enrich seal and Aqua Mix gold are exactly the cleaning options that you are looking for.


  • The Aqua Mix collection of enriching sealers is startling and highly effective.
  • They are an enhancing sealer for stone.
  • They are cent per cent polymer solid.
  • When you apply this, rest assured that it will darken and highlight the magnificence of the stone.
  • They are formulated to last for 15 years and has high protection from stains.
  • An amazing fact about our Aqua Mix enrich and seal and Aqua Mix gold is that it allows quick vapour transmission.
  • Moreover, they are extremely easy to use.
  • There is no manual that you must read to learn to clean.

Want to know if sealers affect the slip resistance?

Very often the reliability of these sealers is questioned. But what we wish to tell you is that Aqua Mix sealers do not affect the slip resistance of the sealed surface. Our products do not sit on the top of the surface, unlike the coating supplies. With the coating supplies, they change the configuration and the look of your surface. The natural surface of the sealed tile is left alone with our Aqua mix products. In this way, the resistance remains as it is, avoiding the floor from becoming slippery.

Do try our Aqua Mix enrich and seal and Aqua Mix gold to experience a smooth cleaning process. They have been created with care and utmost attention for quick and effective results.
Advanced Specialised Equipment only offers premium products. Our track record has been astonishing with zero complaints. Do order our cleaning products and be assured to receive them in the quickest time possible.



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Get Daily Updates From Us Write Email ID Below