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Penetrating Sealer

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Water Based & Deep Penetrating Natural Stone Sealer

Advanced Specialized Equipment is a specialist in penetrating/ impregnating stone sealer. Our grout sealing products are suitable for both internal and external application. Our products contain active sealing molecules which penetrate and bind to the surface of the stone. These active ingredients fill gaps and line the stone, tile or porous grout surfaces. The residue that has not penetrated the surface can be wiped away.

Our water-based penetrating sealer provides outstanding protection for water-based stone. It offers maximum levels of protection. Our penetrating sealer for travertine is ideal for all natural stones, tiles and grout surfaces for inside and outside areas of your home. Our penetrating tile sealer is a high-quality solvent-based penetrating agent for all stones, tiles & grout surfaces.

Our natural stone sealer products are economical non-sheet solvent penetrating/impregnating sealers which are ideal for stone tile and for porcelain tile screening.

Our penetrating sealer for natural stone is an excellent solution for all porous natural stone.
It can be effectively used as a penetrating/impregnating sealer and is:

  • Economical
  • Non-acidic
  • Water-based

Our deep penetrating concrete sealer is cost-effective. It is a fast and simple way to apply a grout sealer with our innovative spray. It can be used as soon as six hours after grouting for an effective, economical process.

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