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Water Based & Deep Penetrating Natural Stone Sealer

Advanced Specialized Equipment is a specialist in penetrating/ impregnating stone sealer. Our grout sealing products are suitable for both internal and external application. Our products contain active sealing molecules which penetrate and bind to the surface of the stone. These active ingredients fill gaps and line the stone, tile or porous grout surfaces. The residue that has not penetrated the surface can be wiped away.

Our water-based penetrating sealer provides outstanding protection for water-based stone. It offers maximum levels of protection. Our penetrating sealer for travertine is ideal for all natural stones, tiles and grout surfaces for inside and outside areas of your home. Our penetrating tile sealer is a high-quality solvent-based penetrating agent for all stones, tiles & grout surfaces.

Our natural stone sealer products are economical non-sheet solvent penetrating/impregnating sealers which are ideal for stone tile and for porcelain tile screening.

Our penetrating sealer for natural stone is an excellent solution for all porous natural stone.
It can be effectively used as a penetrating/impregnating sealer and is:

  • Economical
  • Non-acidic
  • Water-based

Our deep penetrating concrete sealer is cost-effective. It is a fast and simple way to apply a grout sealer with our innovative spray. It can be used as soon as six hours after grouting for an effective, economical process.

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The best natural stone sealer products in Australia are reliably effective for the distinctive traits they were made for. These products offer high resistance to stains. One of the biggest reasons why you use such a natural stone sealer is to make sure that it can protect the surface from stains. Therefore, before you select such a product, always consider the kind of stains that the surface in question may gather. Then you can decide whether your chosen sealer can fight those stains or not. Natural stone sealers are highly slip-resistant and UV resistant. They also offer good freeze-thaw stability, which means they are protected from damage from extreme cold. They are highly breathable and easy to reapply.

There are many benefits of using penetrating natural stone sealer products. As their name would suggest, they can get through the concrete and create a strong chemical barrier. This barrier saves the surface from various elements that can cause damage such as moisture, salts, and water, to name a few. They also come with a natural finish that never changes the way the surface looks. Most of these products are breathable. This allows the vapour, which may have accumulated on the surface, to escape. People use these penetrating sealers normally for outdoor applications so that they can protect the natural stone surfaces from the elements of nature.

If you are looking for natural stone sealer products for travertine, you have several options. The question is how you identify the best among them for your travertine floors. The best products in this regard do not have any smell - they are mostly latex based. It is also rather easy to apply them. The finest products in this range are available within your budget as well. You can use them both indoors and outdoors. In fact, they have a huge coverage area. It also helps that they are not toxic at all. They look natural and protect the stone against saltwater.

You should always use a topical sealer when you are sealing any construction unit or masonry work. To understand why this would be the best fit, it is necessary to know the physical characteristic of the material.

Most of the building materials are porous and this type of sealer works well on such surfaces. Impregnating sealers are used as penetrating sealers for natural stone. Since natural stone is porous, the sealer sets well on the surface. However, many people use topical sealers for sealing. In the long run, topical sealers are not durable as any moisture content in the stone leads to the loosening of the surface.

Many people would consider water-based sealers to be the best over any other type. But the fact is that the non-water-based sealers are more effective. The reason is that non-water-based sealers can penetrate well into the surface of natural stone. Apart from this, solvent based penetrating sealers for natural stone are equally impactful in treating resin stones and granite kitchen counters. One of the significant properties of this sealant is that it can wet and penetrate well into the surface. Thus, the sealer gives the stone proper protection from cleaning, weathering, picture framing, and much more. Therefore, when you are purchasing a sealer, it is necessary to look for the purpose and how it is going to perform on the surface.




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