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Buy First Grade Extractor cleaners from Advanced Specialized Equipment

Advanced Specialized Equipment offers premium quality extractor cleaner. We have a huge collection of cleaning supplies to choose from. The purpose of buying the extractor cleaner is important. These extractors on sale are designed for a specific type of work. Hence, before buying the extractor, help us with the purpose and our team will suggest the correct extractor to serve your purpose.

Carpet extractor machine

Advanced Specialized Equipment has an array of carpet extractor machines. This carpet extractor machine can clean all kinds of stains. Moreover, the machines are exceptionally durable and designed for the user’s convenience.

1) Portable carpet extractor:

  • The best part about the portable carpet extractor is that you can move it to any place of the carpet that you wish to clean.
  • This feature makes it more versatile and flexible.
  • Now getting access to upper floors, and compact spaces become possible with our portable carpet extractor.
  • The standard set by this extractor is unmatched and provides excellent mobility with less force.


  • Our portable carpet extractor is not only easy to transport but also easy to store. Be it the tightest space, you can fit this machine.
  • The components that are used to build this machine are of the highest quality.
  • These machines are extremely durable.
  • For easy access to the components for their swift maintenance, there is a construction of the Clamshell design.
  • Side-mounted switches are not only in the near reach but also feature protective caps.
  • The best feature of our portable carpet extractor is the quiet operation. Noise suppressors make sure you have a noise-free cleaning process.

2) VersaClean 500 carpet extractor:

  • The VersaClean 500 carpet extractor is designed keeping the functionality in mind.
  • The handles have been ergonomically placed to suit the needs of all our customers.
  • The most interesting part about our VersaClean 500 carpet extractor is that they are very mobile.
  • They make cleaning fun and effortless.


  • All our VersaClean 500 carpet extractors are innovatively designed to work without creating too much noise. We have noise deadening chambers that will get work done efficiently.
  • The body of the machine is lightweight and can fit into small spaces.

3) Hot water extractor:

  • Our high-performance hot water extractor is exceptionally reliable and mobile.
  • Moreover, the body of the machine is designed in a way that it can fit into the most compact spaces.
  • Storage will never be a problem with our hot water extractor.
  • Simply durable and made using standard components.



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