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  • Boost All 2.5LB


    Boost All Boost All has alkaline builders and color safe oxygen bleach to add to your carpet and upholstery solutions to boost cleaning effectiveness and brighten the finished look. Helps brighten dingy traffic lanes Remove water marks Correct browning Great on oriental rug fringes Dilution.= 1 oz. / gallon of prespray pH= 9.5 to 10.5 Read More

  • Buff All 2.5LB


    Buff All If you need the bleaching and brightening action of Boost All but the high pH may be harmful add Buff All to the solution. Keeps the alkalinity of your prespray from harming high-risk carpets and upholstery. Use this solution to clean oriental fringes without worry of browning. Buff All is safe to add Read More

  • Citric Acid 1G


    Citric Acid Yellow/Browning Corrector Use this to correct even the toughest yellowing or browning on both synthetic and natural fibers. It can even help prevent future yellowing or browning. For extra difficult cases mix Citric Acid with Fab Set and hot water and bonnet buff or dry extract. Dilut.= 8 – 12 oz. / gallon Read More

  • Citrus Solv 1 GL


    Citrus Solv Citrus Solv 100% Active for Extra Cleaning Power! Our most effective best selling additive! Citrus Solv is a must whenever you face the toughest cleaning situations. Made from citrus solvents Citrus Solv is 100% active! That means no carriers or fillers just the most powerful citrus solvent cleaning additive on the market! This Read More

  • Dust Mite Allergy Relief Treatment 1G


    Dust Mite Allergy Relief  Treatment Dust Mite Allergy Relief Treatment has been proven effective in denaturing the protein allergens from dust mite droppings (Der p1 and Der f1), cockroach droppings (Bla g1), dog dander (Can f1), and cat saliva (Fel d1). Allergy Relief Treatment is a water-based solution that contains a powerful active ingredient derived from naturally Read More

  • Dye Loc 1G


    Dye Loc Anti-Color Bleed Rinse This unique patented formula prevents color bleeding in multi-colored carpet or fabric. For fabrics that bleed instantly pre-spray with Dye-Loc before beginning the cleaning procedure. To prevent delayed bleeding on carpets or fabrics use it as a final rinse. Proper use of Dye-Loc is the mark of a true professional. Read More

  • Encapuguard 1G


    EncapuGuard Post Cleaning Protective Treatment employs the use of soil resistance stain protection wicking prevention and residue neutralizing technology. EncapuGuard brings the benefits of encapsulation cleaning to hot water extraction cleaning jobs. EncapuGuard is formulated in conjunction with guidelines established by the U.S. EPA Design for Environment Program. EncapuGuard replenishes the soil resistance and stain Read More

  • End Zone 1G


    End Zone Extraction Emulsifer/Neutralizer Deep Clean and Acid Rinse in One Step! End Zone is both an extraction emulsifier and an acid rinse that leaves carpet squeaky clean and prevents resoiling caused by detergent residues. End Zone’s powerful surfactants emulsify tough soils including sand and other particulates that pre-sprays just can’t remove. End Zone then Read More

  • Fab Set Neutraliser 1G


    Fab Set Neutraliser Our Premium Liquid Acid Neutralizer & Rinse Agent Used as a final rinse or misted on Fab Set restores carpet fibers to a proper pH level! Features & Benefits: Neutralizes and helps in the removal of excess cleaning chemicals. Helps prevent and remove browning. Prepares the carpet for protectors. Dilutes for use Read More

  • Fabric Prespray 1G


    Fabric Pre-spray Liquid Pre-conditioner for Fine Fabrics! This prespray uses high-grade solvents which eliminates the need for high alkalinity reducing the danger of browning or bleeding. It’s effective on a wide variety of soils and stains on any wet cleanable upholstery carpet or rug where a low pH is desirable. Dilution Ratio = 16 to Read More

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  • Fabric Shampoo 1G


    Expert Upholstery Cleaning Formula Fabric Shampoo Revitalizes and brightens nylon acrylic cotton wool and many other fiber types. It provides maximum safety from shrinking color bleeding and browning and won’t promote resoiling. You can boost it with other Bridgepoint chemicals and rinse with Fab Set or Avenge Clean Rinse. Dilut.= 3 – 5 oz./gal. Ready Read More

  • Fiber Plus 40lb


    Fiber Plus 40lb All-Purpose Powdered Extraction Formula!!! If you’re looking for one emulsifier that’s strong enough for carpet but safe enough for upholstery this is it! It has a low pH so it can be used on virtually any fiber that can be safely cleaned with water. It’s also safe for your equipment! Dilution=1/4-1/2 oz./gal. Read More