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  • Paint Ink Grease (PIG) Remover1G


    Paint Ink & Grease (PIG) Remover  P.I.G. works like other non-volatile solvents except for one important difference: You can rinse it off with water! Not only does it out-perform most other paint oil and grease removers but it also takes care of ink tar gum cosmetics nail polish marker and transmission fluids easily. When you’ve Read More

  • Point Blue 40LB

    $288.75 $180.00

    Point Blue 40LB Powdered Extraction Formula Point Blue is our all-time best-selling emulsifier. It’s a powdered formula that’s economical but strong enough to take alot of the “muscle work” out of carpet cleaning. It has a buffered pH which means it’s safe even at strong dilutions! Won’t cause premature re-soiling. Dilution=1/4-1/2 oz./gal  pH=9.8 Ready To Read More

  • Power Break 40LB

    $92.00 $64.40

    Power Break 40LB Super Concentrated Powdered Pre-spray! Power Break is our Heavy-Duty powdered pre-spray for apartments and restaurant work. If you do a lot of restoration work Power Break is your pre-spray. It’s one of our most economical formulas and uses enzymes to work on a wide range of soils and stains. Power Break replaces Read More

  • Power Point Liquid Emulsifier 1G


    Power Point Liquid Emulsifier  Liquid Extraction Formula Power Point combines the cleaning power of Bridgepoint extraction powders with instant solubility. That means no dissolve time! Use this on anything from greasy restaurants to filthy apartments. Leaves no soil-attracting residue. Feel the Power!   Dilution = 2 oz./5 gal. pH=9.5 Ready To Use

  • Premium Gout & Stone Sealer 1G


    Hard Surface > Tools and Accessories > Premium Gout & Stone Sealer 1G Is a professional grade water-based sealer far superior to “Home Center” products.  It can even be used on damp grout right after you clean!  It will protect stone tile and grout from oil and water based-spills and dry soils.  It penetrates deeply Read More

  • Prolon 1G


    Prolon Soap-Free Cleaner! Prolon is the result of our listening to those of you who’ve been asking for a soap-free solution to cleaning carpet and upholstery. A liquid as concentrated as a powder! Use the same volume as your favoite soap free product. Pre-dissolved to save time and to prevent clogging. No Soap No Foam Read More

  • Protein Spotter 1G


    Protein Spotter Liquid Alkaline Spotter! Protein Spotter gets the special stains other spotters don’t: blood vomit egg and other protein-based stains. Put it on your toughest stains and rinse the chemical and stain away together. Use full strength. pH= 10.5 Ready To Use

  • Red Relief


    Red Relief Revolutionary Results –Gets all the red out every time. Compare Red Relief to all other heat-release products. You will be amazed. Unparalleled Safety – This product is safe on carpets and fabrics where other products would discolor or bleach the item. Use lower temperature and still have a much better result. Economical – Read More

  • Red Relief for Wool


    Red Relief for Wool Removing synthetic food dye stains from wool especially wool that has been dyed with vegetable dyes is a procedure that requires your absolute attention to detail and patience.You are strongly encouraged to make some kool aid stains on wool carpet and practice the procedure given here to perfect your skill before Read More

  • Red Zone Ready


    Red Zone Ready Red Zone Ready is a one step highly effective food and beverage red stain remover process that is designed to alter the structure of stains by removing bleaching or making them invisible. It is ideal for use with any stain caused by spilled children’s fruit drinks or sports drinks. This product is Read More

  • Rust & Tannin Spotter


    Rust and Tannin Spotter Tackles the toughest stains from rust coffee and tea on fabrics Sapphire Scientific Rust Tannin Spotter is useful for removing rust and tannin stains as well as water insoluble particulate matter. Its foaming action lifts water insoluble soils such as small rust particles. Rust Tannin Spotter contains an organic acid a Read More

  • Spice Air Pre Odor Concentrate 1G


    Spice Air Pre Odor Concentrate   When It Smells Clean It is Clean! The sense of smell is one of our most powerful senses. When you use our Spice Air or Apple Air as part of your cleaning process you’ll leave a wonderful fragrance that says ”clean!” to your customers. These rich super-concentrated formulas go Read More