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  • Spinergy Extra Strength 11 Alkaline Cleaner

    $42.00 $29.40

    Spinergy Extra Strength 11 Alkaline Cleaner Viper 11 melts away years of built-up grease stains and soil and does it without the use of solvents or caustic builders. Spray it on ceramic porcelain and quarry tile at a 1:4 ratio for heavy duty cleaning. Dilute it further for routine maintenance cleaning. Dilution=1:4 Ready To Use Read More

  • Spinergy Extra Strength 7 Neutral Cleaner

    $42.00 $29.40

    Spinergy Extra Strength 7 Neutral Cleaner Hard Surface Rinse and Maintenance Cleaner It is excellent as a stand alone cleaner when used in regular maintenance through scrubbing equipment extractors or mop and bucket. It cuts and suspends dirt and grease and leaves floors sparkling clean. 1 oz./gal. for rinse and 2 oz./gal. for mopping  pH:7.0 Read More

  • Spot Stop


    Spot Stop • The encapsulating polymer additive will virtually eliminate wicking of soil or spills after effective stain removal techniques have been thoroughly completed. • The encapsulating polymer additive will also neutralize any resoiling residue left from professional strength stain removal products. • The lightly acidic pH neutralizes any alkaline residues from professional strength stain Read More

  • Stain Absorb 8LB


    Absorbent Stain Lifter Keep stains from wicking back after cleaning. After your normal wet-cleaning process sprinkle some Stain-Absorb powder on the spot. The powder will absorb any wicking that occurs during drying. Stain Absorb actually extracts residue from the carpet or fabric and comes out later with normal vacuuming! RTU pH= N/A

  • Stain Magic


    Stain Magic Furniture Stain Remover Stains that were thought to be impossible to remove are now simply vanishing. Effective on furniture stains from wood wine mustard coffee tea urine vomit feces potted plants etc. Works Alone – For most stains heat is not necessary to accelerate action. Mustard may be the exception here. Economical – Read More

  • Stain Magic for Wool


    Stain Magic For Wool Stain Magic for Wool is formulated specifically to remove organic stains such as coffee tea wine urine plant stains etc from natural fibers such as wool and cotton.  Dilut.= Ready To Use Ready To Use= 9

  • TCU Tannin Coffee Urinte 1G


    TCU Tannin Coffee Urine TCU Neutralizer from Bridgepoint provides the professional cleaner with a multi-purpose acid detergent spotter and urine neutralizing treatment. TCU Neutralizer is specially formulated to be incredibly effective for the pre-treatment of urine contaminated soft surfaces including carpet upholstery rugs draperies and mattresses. It dissolves neutralizes and dislodges alkaline salt residues that Read More

  • Traffic Slam 5L

    $60.50 $36.00

    Traffic Slam 5L Originally formulated as a traffic lane pre-spray for Olefin we also found that Traffic Slam does incredibly well at encapsulating filter soil and taking out fire damage! Works fast and keeps working as long as moisture is present. Free-rinsing and non-toxic! Dilution=4 oz./gal. pH=11 Ready To Use

  • Trust Rust Remover Gal 1G


    Trust Rust Remover Don’t use harsh acids to remove stubborn rust stains. T-Rust is much safer. It requires no neutralizing and you can rinse it with clear water. Simply apply it directly to the rust and in a few seconds you’ll see it start to disappear. Non-Polluting Non-Corrosive  pH= 4.5 Ready To Use

  • Urine Stain Remover 1G


    Urine Stain Remover As it neutralizes and eliminates the yellow stain it also neutralizes the odor. Many times normal pet odor decontamination procedures remove the yellow staining that accompanies many pet urine deposits. But when it doesn’t reach for Urine Stain Remover with Hydrocide. Simply spray the stain full strength and allow it to work Read More

  • Viper 11

    $50.82 inc GST

    Viper 11 Alkaline Stone, Tile and Grout Cleaner

    Viper 11 is an alkaline pre-treatment cleaner for stone, man-made ceramic, porcelain and quarry tile

  • Viper Peroxiblast

    $95.70 inc GST

    Viper Peroxiblast Hard Surface Cleaning Chemcial

    Peroxiblast Powder penetrates concrete surfaces on contact to soften, lift, and remove a wide range of oils, soils, fats and greases. Can be safely and effectively used with virtually any hard surface floor cleaning brush or mop system.