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  • Viper Renew(ORM-D) 1G


    Viper Renew Restorative Tile and Grout Cleaner Item Use Viper Renew when all other cleaners have failed. It works on the acid side of the pH scale removing soils and stains on grout tile and stone that have been neglected for years. Viper Renew actually removes a very thin layer of grout taking with it Read More

  • Viper Venom

    $52.64 inc GST

    Viper Venom Tile Cleaner

    Viper Venom is specifically designed for use on difficult stains and soils found in the toughest of grouts and crevise and ceramic types. When diluted according to the directions, it can also be used on a wide variety of hard surfaces.

  • Zone Perfect Ultra Pre-Spray 1G


    Zone Perfect Ultra Pre-Spray  Gallon Zone Perfect is a very robust pre-spray. This best-selling Bridgepoint pre-spray is a special blend of surfactants and is packed with soil busting grease cutting ingredients. At the standard dilution rate of 1:32 Zone Perfect melts greasy soils like nothing else. On lightly soiled carpets you can even dilute as Read More