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  • Aquacoat Emulsion Glossy Finish For Fine Wood Floors 1G

    $89.09 $44.55
  • Wax Erase Stripper 1G

    $45.00 $22.50

    Wax Erase Stripper  Waxerase Stripper for hard floors which have a wax finish applied

  • Wood Floor Matte Refinish


    Wood Floor Matte Refinish This quality finish is non-toxic water-based and self-leveling. In most cases two coats will be ample coverage on floors and furnishings.

  • Wood Floor Prep Cleaner 1G

    $34.80 $17.40

    Wood Floor Prep Cleaner Wood Floor Preparation Cleaner designed to prepare all wood floor before you appply your sealers.