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  • All Purpose Powder Rinse 10KG

    $107.50 $50.00

    All Purpose Powder Rinse  All purpose powder rinse is a high performance powdered detergent that can be used on all fibers. Cleaning action allows emulsification of water and oil based stains and soils. This low foaming product rinses and cleans with very low residue. Carries non-corrosive products that help maintain your equipment. pH to use Read More

  • All Purpose Pre-spray 5L


    All purpose Pre-spray (5 L) This powerful pre-spray can be used together with all purpose powder rinse or emulsifying rinse for all your cleaning needs on all types of fibers. The solvent based product has best results on oils grease body oils and other common soils. pH to use is 8.5

  • Aquacoat Emulsion Glossy Finish For Fine Wood Floors 1G

    $89.09 $44.55
  • Carpet Dry Cleaning Prespray 20L


    Carpet Dry Cleaning Pre-spray High quality Bonnet cleaning chemical. Does not contain any optical brighteners. Ready To Use

  • Carpet Dry Cleaning Rinse 20L


    Carpet Dry Cleaning Rinse Acid based rinse aid for use in conjunction with Carpet Dry Cleaning Pre-spray in your bonnet cleaning process.

  • Cotton & Wool Prespray 5L


    Cotton & Wool Pre-spray This neutral pre-spray is a solvent free formulation for cleaning delicate wool carpeting and natural fabric upholstery. It will safely and effectively allow you to clean cotton & wool carpeting while special additives help prevent cleaning related problems. It does not have the obnoxious odour normally associated with cotton cleaning agents Read More

  • Flooricover Sealer 1G

    $55.00 $27.50

    Flooricover Sealer Flooricover hard floor sealer gloss finish. Works great with all floors and can be built up to give a hard finish.

  • Laundry Powder 10KG

    $31.90 $18.00

    Laundry Powder High Quality Powdered Laundry Detergent to be used with any cleaning of all fabrics.

  • MaxPack Traffic Lane Cleaner


    MaxPack Traffic Lane Cleaner This ultra-concentrated pre-spray (1:32-64) can safely and effectively clean all types of synthetic carpet including stain resist when used according to directions. Formulated from extensive laboratory and field testing to do the best job of cleaning to not cause resoiling and to keep carpets cleaner longer. Recommended Applications Heavy Soiling – Read More

  • Mist & Brush Carpet Maintenance System 5L


    Mist & Brush Carpet Maintenance System Mist and brush is an interim maintenance carpet cleaning system that can be used with the speed and effectiveness of bonnet cleaning that will not allow re-soiling. It uses encapsulation to bring heavily used carpets better lease and longer life. Directions for use: Shake well before use. Select chemical Read More

  • Premium Detergent

    $42.50 $21.25

    Premium Liquid Detergent Premium liquid rinsing agent is the most powerful on the market and will allow you to clean the dirtiest and most challenging carpets. Its high cleaning power will restore carpets to like new luster and softness. pH to use is 11.0

  • Rinse Surfactant 5L


    Rinse Surfactant A mild alkaline liquid emulsifying rinse designed to be used on all synthetic and wool carpets. Specifically designed to leave a minumum amount of residue in the carpet and will give the carpets there naturally soft feel and lustre. pH to use is 8.5