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High-quality floor polisher on sale Offered by Advanced Specialized Equipment

Floor burnishers, floor scrubbers and polishers are crucial to clean your floors effectively. With Advanced Specialized Equipment, getting a glossy floor is now on the tips of the fingers. We have the best floor polisher for sale that will astound you and will make you want to use more.

1) Floor burnishers

  • Floor burnishers are devices that are made to clean the uncarpeted floors.
  • A wide base that contains a burnishing pad helps in cleaning the surface.
  • The pad rotates quickly for cleaning to take place.
  • Since the pad is rotating, it is pushed over marble or hardwood, materials that will not be damaged by the rotation of the pad.
  • Floor burnishers have variant sizes.
  • The one used at commercial spaces, like departmental stores, hospitals, restaurants, are huge.
  • The burnishers used at home are designed to be lightweight and can be assembled in little space.

Some tips on burnishing floors:

Burnishing the floor with the machine is easy. However, it is crucial to know how to optimally use the machine.

  • The floor should be cleaned first:
  • Floors should be swept or cleaned first as due to burnishing, any dirt or soil on the floor can be melted into the finish. Hence, scrub the finish first.

  • Dust mopping:
  • Large and evident particles can be removed easily with mopping. These particles can get trapped into the pad and will eventually stop the rotating pad from cleaning. Hard objects like rocks, pencils can prove dangerous, as they can be flung and harm someone.

  • Let the burnisher move:
  • When using a burnisher, know that it must be kept always moving. If left in one place it can burn or harm the floor. Walking or brisk walking at a regular pace can help in sound cleaning.

  • The burnishing pads must be changed:
  • The burnishing pads must be altered regularly. As when too much dirt gets deposited into the pad, it can start melting.

2) Floor scrubber polisher:

  • Floor scrubber polishers are one of the most important tools to clean the floors of large facilities.
  • Cleaning huge areas in the shortest time are one of the most attractive features of the floor scrubber polisher.
  • These focus more on the basic and simple level of cleaning.
  • They can be fitted using pads, rotating brushes, ensuring an ideal fit for your needs.

3) Floor polishers:

  • Polishers are used when you want the floor to shine.
  • They facilitate clean reflections.
  • They work the best on wood and vinyl.
  • They are very much commonly used in office buildings.

Our collection of floor scrubbers and polishers is remarkable. Floor scrubbers and polishers are used by commercial spaces on a large scale. However, we also have these machines for households. Our floor polisher for sale is purchased by a lot of customers as they render explicit services at reasonable prices.

Advanced Specialized Equipment promises you an amazing cleaning experience that you will enjoy!



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