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  • Applicator Bar


    Applicator Bar Applicator Bar to suit Applicator Pad for applying sealer on hard floors

  • Applicator Bar Pad 18 Inch


    Applicator Bar Pad Applicator Pad to apply sealers on hard surfaces

  • Aquacoat Emulsion Glossy Finish For Fine Wood Floors 1G

    $89.09 $44.55
  • Blade & Brush PMF Wand


    Blade and Brush PMF Wand Another PMF exclusive! This wand features a single swinging blade for push/pull action! – Rotate the head 180 degrees for scrubbing and then back for recovery.  – All stainless steel including nuts and bolts  – Easy replaceable blades  – Head snaps in and stays securely and rotates smoothly  – V300 Read More

  • Brush Cobra Hand Tool


    Brush Cobra Hand Tool The Cobra hand tool cleans kitchen counter tops corners edges bathrooms and any tough-to-reach area. Its brush handles uneven surfaces easily and lets you agitate and extract all in one motion. By changing the jet you can go from hard-core narrow-focus grout blasting at 2 000 psi to a wider focus Read More

  • Flooricover Sealer 1G

    $55.00 $27.50

    Flooricover Sealer Flooricover hard floor sealer gloss finish. Works great with all floors and can be built up to give a hard finish.

  • FSC 21 Inch Hard Surface Tool


    FSC 21 Inch Hard Surface Tool Large 21 Inch High Pressure Rotary Hard Surface Cleaner for when you need the size on those large jobs Features and Benefits: – Clean many times faster than a conventional nozzles – No water splashes – Super quiet operation – Light weight design for easy maneuverability – Height adjustable

  • Gekko 14″ Brush Tool Head Attachment


    Gekko 14″ Brush Tool Head Attachment The brush head is ideal for surfaces that need extra brush agitation in addition to high pressure cleaning. The unique housing design allows the jets to screw directly into the metal head instead of the older design using a spray bar that goes across the manifold. This prevents clogs Read More

  • Gekko Edge Corner Attachment


    Gekko Edge Corner Attachment 4″ Gekko Edge Corner and Coving Head Now there’s no need to get on your hands and knees to clean the edges and corners that spinner tools miss. The Gekko Corner tool cleans corners edges and coving with one easy stroke. The included coving cover allows the user to clean just Read More

  • Gekko HP Hand Tool


    Gekko HP Hand Held Tile Clean Tool 4″ Gekko Hand Tool The 4″ Hand Tool is the perfect tool for quick cleaning in tight spaces. This handheld version of the AR51D is used for cleaning the grout lines in walls, countertops or other areas where large tools cannot go. Details 2,000 PSI rating 4 inches Read More

  • Grout Wand


    Grout Wand  New and Improved The design of the sonic welding on the Grout Wand has been improved to make the “Action Head” more durable. New solvent resistant “O” rings reduce the damage to components caused by solvent-based sealers. Easily applies the proper amount of sealer in one application with professional results. Push down and Read More

  • Gun Lance Vario Rip


    Gunlance Vario Rip Pressure Gun with turn action jet