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Too many pests? Here is the perfect solution for you!

Advanced Specialized Equipment specialises in providing top quality pest controlsupplies and equipment. Pests at your home can be extremely dangerous. Many times, family members can contract or catch minor and major illnesses due to these pests.

From diarrhea to food poisoning, you can be at a constant threat to develop symptoms for these illnesses. Hence, we must keep you away from such mighty pests by dispensing effective pest control chemicals. Our chemicals will keep a check on all the pets and try to make your home pests-free.

Is contacting a pest control company suggestible?

Contacting a pest control company is not advisable. Want to know why?

  • These companies charge you more for the services they offer.
  • The person who comes to your house will not take efforts to drizzle the pest controlspray.
  • Eventually, you will be left unsatisfied with the money you have paid and the improper service you have received.

With Advanced Specialized Equipment, pest control products will be delivered to your doorstep with just one click.

1) AttractANT PRO ant Bait Gel:

  • Ants are the most common pests in almost every household.
  • This gel is made to control all kinds of ants, namely, Argentine ants, Black House ants, Red imported fire ants and Coastal brown ants.
  • The unique feature of this gel that makes it the most preferred in the market is that it is made using polymer technology.
  • Out of all the products, this is effective to eliminate ants by simply applying around their presence.
  • Any place, small to big, can use this gel to control the ants.


  • Made using the unique polymer technology.
  • Is completely odourless.
  • It can control a wide range of sugar feeding insects.
  • It locks in moisture which attracts pests/insects.
  • All the life cycle stages of these pests are highly affected by this gel.
  • All you must do is, squeeze the tube for instant application.
  • Apply indoors or outdoors.
  • A carbohydrate additive in the gel lures the pests.

2) EnsnarePRO 50 SC Insecticide:

  • EnsnarePRO 50 SC Insecticide is a pest control spray that can control all the common pests.
  • Cockroaches, ants, fleas, millipede, crickets, and house flies can be eliminated by using this spray.
  • This spray is non-repellent, and the residual is concentrated.
  • Your pests would not even know it’s there.
  • It excellently regulates the cockroaches in commercial areas, as well.


  • It has the smart kill technology that will not let any pest remain.
  • It is a non-repellent residual spray.
  • No odour
  • Will give up to six months control on pests.
  • This spray will not stain the place you apply.

Advanced Specialized Equipment has the reputation of providing all the pest control supplies and equipment in no time. We understand your problem of pests increasing with every passing day. Hence, we will never make you wait and delay the process. Controlling pests is now easy with our pest control chemicals and sprays. Order now!



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