Fire and Flood Restoration Equipment – Water Removal Equipment

Has your residential, commercial, or industrial property been damaged by fire or water? Advanced Specialized Equipment offers the best fire and water restoration products to help you save valuables and get your business running again.

Odours and mould growth are two of the dangers associated with water or fire damage. Even after the immediate problem has been solved, you still have residual effects. Advanced Specialized Equipment can provide the water restoration equipment you need to help you prevent mould growth or fire restoration cleaning products.

Smoke, flame, and fire damage can leave a horrible smell, high moisture and a contaminated environment. We sell air movers, dehumidifiers, and air scrubbers to remove the hazardous odours from your home, office, or warehouse.

Dry out carpets, upholstery and walls with our water removal fans. Our mixed system offers 3 filters to provide you with superior indoor air quality. Our portable water restoration equipment saves damaged properties and comes in a wide range of sizes to suit any workplace.


Of course, the damage caused by fires is fire damage. It can come from any source such as a small yet uncontrolled flame to gas-based flame havoc. If the fire is successfully controlled, even then, smoke can cause a lot of damage to the things around it. There are a lot of opportunities for damage in a fire, including even water damage; from the water used to put out the flame. Even the air quality issues people suffer after their property is set on fire is considered part of fire damage. Using the right methods and products for fire and water restoration is the only way in dealing with the aftermath of a fire outbreak.

It depends on the size and extent of the fire damage of course. Once the experts finish analysing the standards of fire and water damage in your property, only then the timeframe for fire and water restoration can be estimated. The first step experts take after the outbreak is to assess the area and then manage damage control. In this part, the experts put their restoration machines to use to clean up the mess without causing any further damage to the property. The next step is to clean and repair. The final part of the process is replacing the damaged objects. Having a restoration machine at home can help you restore much of the damage.

Firstly, you must realise that water restoration is not the same as cleaning out water from the floor. Especially, if the water restoration is followed by a flood or a fire outbreak, you may need expert hands. Having water restoration equipment, however, can quicken your response time and help you in dealing with the problem more easily. Start with reading the directions and instructions that come along with the equipment. Remove the dirt, standing water, and dry up the floor using the equipment. Use industrial cleaners to prevent contamination on the surface. Make sure that you use portable equipment for the best ease of use.



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