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Quality Air Movers for Fast & Easy Drying

Drying is one of the most challenging yet necessary steps in cleaning any space. Cleaners need to ensure that a space is completely dry when finished to prevent a number of unpleasant instances:

  • Accidents caused by slipping
  • Growth of mould and mildew
  • Spread of germs
  • Trapped moisture which can cause disintegration of certain surfaces such as wood
  • Bad odour caused by damp or  incompletely dried carpets or other surfaces

To achieve a completely clean and dry space, you not only need the best in commercial cleaning equipment, you also need high quality, high performance air movers.

Achieve a Complete Clean with Our High-Powered Air Movers

Employing the best carpet cleaning equipment is not enough to ensure a completely clean and germ-free carpet. If any moisture is left behind, any effort expended to clean it will become useless. Remaining moisture on a carpet can cause bad odours, mould growth and more persistent dirt and stains. If you want to achieve a complete, long-lasting clean that clients can truly appreciate, it is pivotal to have a powerful Dri-Eaz air mover in your arsenal.

With Advanced Specialized Equipment, you can choose from an outstanding array of air movers to complete your carpet cleaning gear. Our air movers come with various features and specifications, and are built strong and durable to withstand years of handling and use.

Effective and Durable Air Movers for Your Ventilation Needs

Whatever your drying or ventilation need, we’re sure to have the perfect solution for you. Our Dri-Eaz air movers range from high-powered turbodryers to compact, portable models. If you need a highly versatile dryer, we’ve got the ACE Turbodryer which can be positioned in six different ways. If you’re looking for similar drying power at a more affordable price, our Sahara Turbodryer is your perfect choice. And if portability is crucial, we can offer you the most fitting solution with the Velo airmover. Our air movers also come with other excellent features, such as built-in antimicrobial protection and easy storage and disassembly.

We also offer other drying accessories and specialised equipment, such as our portable steam cleaner. Browse our selection today.

  • ACE Turbodryer

    $822.50 inc GST

    Ace TurboDryer Six ways to dry; Looking for an airmover that offers six different positions to help you tackle the most difficult drying challenges? Looking for the most CFM per circuit of any airmover on the market? Look no further: it’s called the Ace! Product Features – Very low amp draw – Six position versatility for Read More

  • Dri-Eaz Dri-Pod

    $356.95 inc GST

    Dri-Pod Floor Dryer Dry carpets and hard surfaces fast! Dry floors fast with the highly portable Dri-Pod!  A specially designed outlet grill directs warm, dry air from above and directs it in a powerful 360° pattern across the floor. Dry carpet, tile, vinyl or hardwood floors faster than ever.  At only 3.5kgs and 37cms across, the Read More

  • Sto & Go Vortex Ducting


    Sto & Go Vortex Ducting Protect Store and Transport with Ease Features twenty-five feet of 12-inch semi-rigid ducting that compresses to fit inside a protective case. Connect one or more sections to the Vortex Axial airmover for fast efficient ventilation wherever you need it. The vinyl case is fitted with a reinforced nylon handle. Product Feature Read More

  • Super Clean Airmover


    Super Clean Airmover If your looking for an airmover that is high on performance yet soft on the wallet. The Superclean airmover is the unit for you with the following features: – Roto-Mould Design – 3/4Hp Sealed Motor – Carpet Clamp – Safety Screens on motor fan and snout – 3 Speed Switch

  • Turbo Channel Floor


    Turbo Channel Floor Adding Turbo Channels to your drying system will help dry stubborn areas at the same rate as the rest of the structure—that can reduce your overall drying time. Product Features – Increases airflow velocity to hard-to-dry areas by 40-50% – Channels high velocity air where you need it most to dry faster Read More

  • Unimover Trolley


    Unimover Trolley Unimover Hand Truck Moving equipment just got easier. Product Feature – Carry up to three airmovers. – No straps or fancy balancing acts required! – No need to hand-carry equipment that can damage walls and doorways. – Make just one trip to carry the same gear that used to take up to three. Read More

  • Velo Low Profile Airmover


    Velo Low Profile Airmover Powerful airmover delivers restoration-grade air movement in a highly portable packageHigh performance air movement in a small package? They said it couldn’t be done! But the new Velo delivers just that and more: high velocity air movement low amp draw and amazing portability. Dri-Eaz combined these features with easy cleaning versatile Read More

  • Wolf Pack Attachment


    Wolf Pack Attachment Part of an unbeatable combination.  The Wolf Pack and the Air Wolf form the ultimate team for drying hardwood floors faster than ever. For an even more powerful system  use along with the Rescue Mat System to dry floors FAST. Easily adaptable for any floor plan.  The Wolf Pack attachment system comes with Read More