Fire Restoration

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Fire Restoration Cleaning Products

Choosing the right smoke damage clean-up products for surface restoration following a fire can be tricky. Fire leaves more damage behind than simply stains. Fire causes larger destruction to the property and creates deposits. This can cause further and continuous harm to metal surfaces and to the other spaces. Often fire damage is found due to heat and smoke produced during the fire. Thus, the property loss caused by the fire instance is difficult to gauge and to get rid of.

Advanced Specialized Equipment strives to make your fire restoration experience hassle-free. We work hard to offer a wide range of smoke damage clean-up products for such applications with the ideal combination of effective chemicals. Our experts provide end-to-end consultation services based on your customized needs.

Our specialised chemicals have a proven evidence base to verify their successful formula for after-fire cleaning provided some of the finest restoration chemical companies.

Our products help you to remove soot, smoke and odour. We produce a full line of restaurant products formulated for hydrocarbon systems. We also develop deodorising chemical treatments which limit the need for ozone treatments.

We look forward to working together with you, for your cleaning requirements. Contact us to get more information about our smoke damage clean-up products.


There are a lot of shops in Australia offering these products. However, the best place to find it will be the internet. Shop high-quality fire restoration products online for a reasonable price. The advantage of online shopping is you have access to all the leading brands selling these products all in one place, without even leaving your house. So, you can compare the technical specifications and find out how the products really work before even putting them to use. The plethora of choices lets you pick the product that suits your budget and need. There are plenty of choices in portable restoration products available online that will be perfect for use in both residential and commercial zones.

A fire may break out at any time in your residential or commercial space. It can entirely damage your property while posing a big threat to your life. The damage caused by a fire to the structures often compels people to suffer from huge losses and look for an alternate place to live or continue business operations. To restore your house, you need a fire restoration company. They possess the right skills and the right fire restoration products to restore your property. The experts in fire restoration have the certification and a wide array of skills that allows them to perform their work effectively.

Fire can create havoc in your home and create a lot of issues for you. It is one of the critical problems that create issues with air quality and affect the structure of your house. Fire damage is devastating and not many people have an idea about what they should do after a fire breaks out. Well, there are many fire restoration products that help you restore your home. To reduce the odour in fabrics, you can use products comprising tri-sodium phosphate. A mild soap or detergent will help remove smoke and soot from the walls. You can also call professionals for the same.



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