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  • Injectidry Adaptidry

    $1,600.00 inc GST

    Injectidry Adaptidry The ADAPTIDRY is specifically designed to work with several pieces of drying equipment. The MAX Force and Phoenix Guardian HEPA filter make a perfect companion to the ADAPTIDRY. This ADAPTOR fits in well with today’s trend toward less destructive and non-invasive drying. Increasingly Certified Industrial Hygienist are asking for more control and faster Read More

  • Injectidry Filter Interceptor

    $180.90 inc GST

    Injectidry Filter Interceptor In-line filter system and replacement filters HEPA filter can be set up to process air going into or coming out from beneath cabinets walls ceilings and floors. It is important to know that HEPA filters do not make a HEPA system. Only by processing all air negatively can a HEPA system be Read More

  • Injectidry Floor Drying Pack

    $7,040.00 inc GST

    Injectidry Floor Drying Pack HP 60 Floor Drying Package The HP60 combined with a Variety Pak of Panels to dry hard surface (wood) floors. Comes complete with HP60 Hose Panels Panel T’s Carry Bags.

  • Injectidry Protect It

    $350.00 inc GST

    Injectidry Protect  There are two types of dehumidifiers… that has leaked…….and one that is going to Protect your expensive floors and ceilings below with this dehumidifier leak pan.

  • Injectidry System HP60

    $8,482.00 inc GST

    Injectidry System HP60 Trapped Moisture Ventilating Systems Wall and ceiling drying package. The industry’s first trapped moisture ventilating system. Dries water damaged walls and ceilings by injecting air between stud cavities (or removing moist air with negative pressure).Comes complete with Active Hoseline Tubing Injectors Manifolds Hosecuffs & Carry Bags.

  • Injectidry The Silencer

    $365.00 inc GST

    Silencer by Injectidry The Silencer is made of ABS plastic and quiets the drying system by about 25%. It takes some of the impeller noise out in addition to attenating the air rush sound. Attaches to the 2 in. OUT trunkline and sets up in seconds. The Silencer attaches to either the main AIR IN Read More

  • Water Seperator

    $220.00 inc GST

    Water Separator The Water Separator works to protect your HP 60 blower by preventing bulk water from passing through it when drying in a negative mode. It should be used after the initial vacuuming with a truck mount system to capture the remaining water that could be undetected. Placing it as we recommend it will Read More