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Topical Finishing Sealers

Our floor shine and hardener make the floor finishes clean, clear and long-lasting. It makes floors resistant to wear and tear as well as providing a beautiful high-sheen finish. It is also useful for unglazed porcelain for pre-grouting protection.

Shine Floor & Key Functionalities:

  • Allows safe, low odour, low VOC humidity transmission
  • No buffer required
  • Protective surface finish
  • Water-based for up to one year

Our floor shine and hardener can be used on multiple types of floors like:

  • Adobe and terracotta
  • Slate
  • Quarry
  • Sealed Saltillo
  • Sandstone

Use this product only for indoor dry spaces.

Product Application:

  • The seal tile and/or grout it must be dry before applying the sealant.
  • Allow the Topical sealer to cure for at least 24 hours. (unless stated otherwise on the sealer label)
  • Before Floor Shine & Hardener, unglazed surfaces should be scaled and planned.
  • Clean, dry and screened surface must be identified or made suitable for sealing.
  • Apply a small quantity of product directly to a sealed floor and spread evenly by applying a sponge mop or a paint pad.
  • Do not overlap or puddle.
  • For a high brightness, two to three coats are recommended.
    If there are 2 or more coats, allow a minimum drying time of 1 hour between coat.
  • Clean applicator tools with soap and water after each use.
  • Apply a minimum of 2 hours before grouting over clean unglazed porcelain tile.

Follow the above procedures for applying Floor Shine & Hardener and get shiny and bright floors for your property.

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