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  • 2″ Swivel Cuff

    $16.92 inc GST

    CUFF SWIVEL 2″ This cuff holds securely on the hose yet will swivel freely on the wand or tool.

  • Blueline Chemical Rack

    $759.00 inc GST

    Blueline Chemical Rack 3 Tier Shelf made out of Stainless Steel. To be fitted against wall in vehicle

  • Chemical Storage Rack

    $654.50 inc GST

    Chemical Storage Rack With today’s diversified professional cleaner space is at a premium in the van. The Steam Way Chemical Storage Rack is designed to fit any standard 1/2 3/4 or full ton van. It will conveniently store and provide instant and easy access up to 20 chemicals. It keeps them from tipping over and Read More

  • CRB 45 – Counter Rotating Brush Machine

    $3,630.00 inc GST

    The CRB or Counter Rotating Brush unit  is the epitome of scrubbing machines. Built out of Stainless Steel, the Counter Rotating Brush machines (CRB) are water proof and designed to not only clean carpets, but also hard surfaces. They can pick up 99 percent of the water and debris on a hard floor. The CRB Read More

  • Cuff 1 1/2″ Vinyl Hose

    $13.50 inc GST

    1-1/2 inch vinyl hose cuff

  • Dri-Eaz Dri-Pod

    $356.95 inc GST

    Dri-Pod Floor Dryer Dry carpets and hard surfaces fast! Dry floors fast with the highly portable Dri-Pod!  A specially designed outlet grill directs warm, dry air from above and directs it in a powerful 360° pattern across the floor. Dry carpet, tile, vinyl or hardwood floors faster than ever.  At only 3.5kgs and 37cms across, the Read More

  • Fuel Tank Storage Rack

    $220.00 inc GST

    Fuel Tank Storage Rack The fuel tank storage rack is designed to give you more floor space in your van while also providing an added control and safety factor. The rack will provide you with easier access to your fuel tanks. Manufactured of marine aluminum and protected with an epoxy painted seal the storage rack Read More

  • Gekko 14″ Brush Tool Head Attachment

    $401.50 inc GST

    Gekko 14″ Brush Tool Head Attachment The brush head is ideal for surfaces that need extra brush agitation in addition to high pressure cleaning. The unique housing design allows the jets to screw directly into the metal head instead of the older design using a spray bar that goes across the manifold. This prevents clogs Read More

  • Gekko Edge Corner Attachment

    $286.00 inc GST

    Gekko Edge Corner Attachment 4″ Gekko Edge Corner and Coving Head Now there’s no need to get on your hands and knees to clean the edges and corners that spinner tools miss. The Gekko Corner tool cleans corners edges and coving with one easy stroke. The included coving cover allows the user to clean just Read More

  • Gekko SX7 Head

    $932.00 inc GST

    Gekko SX7 Head The new design for the Gekko SX7 head hardsurface cleaning tool expands on the versatility of the original by combining two tools into one. Instead of needing a tool for cleaning countertops and showers, and then another for cleaning hardsurface floors, this Gekko SX-7 head combines both a handheld and an upright Read More

  • Holder Double Sprayer

    $173.80 inc GST

    Holder Double Sprayer Holders made from strong lightweight no rust aluminum. Secure two pump sprayers during travel and have a designated storage place. Dimensions: Each “pocket” – 8 7/8″ W x 8 7/8″ L x 7 ½” D

  • Holder Inline Sprayer Wall

    $137.50 inc GST

    Holder Hydro Force Wall Secure your containers and sprayers with Hydro-Force. All holders made from strong lightweight no-rust aluminum. Dimensions: 6 ½” W x 9″ L x 4 3/4″ D

  • Holder Jug

    $185.00 inc GST

    Holder Jug No more spills and accidents This holder will allow you to safely mount a standard five gallon (18.7 liter) solution cube that comes with most truck mounts in your vehicle. Mounting bolts and/or screws not included.