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12″ Protection Sheild Wand


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12″ Stainless Steel “Protection Shield” Scrub Wand

This lightweight (10 lbs) carpet cleaning tool is manufactured with polished stainless steel for durability and a lasting finish. The Steam Way 12″ Stainless Steel Scrub Wand has a high pressure valve and flood jet for efficient cleaning of carpets. The scrub wand is designed to handle working pressures up to 600 – 700 P.S.I. comes with an adjustable handle and is designed for easy maintenance and long life.

Its enclosed jet “Protection Shield”TM design prevents over spray streaking and retains heat. In comparison-testing with other industry wands the Steam Way 12” Stainless Steel Scrub Wand was shown to maintain heat better than competitive models.

Its one flood jet set-up allows carpets to be cleaned quickly and effectively with rapid drying time. Designed to be used with both truck mounted and high performance portable equipment.