Bear Cat Litter Vacuum

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Key Features

  • Compact dimensions
  • Superior manoeuvrability
  • Ergonomic design for maximum operator comfort
  • Transport speed of up to 6 km/h which may be controlled and reduced at the push of a button
  • Long running time

Where can I use the Bear Vac?

The Bear Vac is designed for aged care facilities, education institutions, commercial use or municipal pickup of leaves, grass or other light debris.

How much reduction of debris will I get?

There is not much reduction, however, by passing through a 6-blade fan into the bag some natural breakage occurs allowing the 6-bushel bag to be completely filled. Reduction through compaction will also happen.

Is it hard to push the Bear Vac on turf?

The 12″ rubber tyres have ball bearing hubs that allow easy movement. We also use a 2.5″ wide tyre for added floatation.

How many height adjustments does the Bear Vac have?

The Bear Vac can be adjusted into four diffent nozzle settings ranging from 0.25″-4.5″ to accomodate all types of terrain.

What do I use the optional 4″ hose kit for?

The hose kit is designed to allow vacuuming hard-to-reach places such as around rocks or bushes in gardens.

How difficult is it to perform maintenance on the machine?

Proper maintenance is vital. Routine maintenance, including chipper blades, will normally take only 10 minutes.


Five different height settings make leaves, yard debris and small branches disappear in short order.


A full 6-bushel capacity, quick-dump bag, adjustable handle bars with cushion grip and ball bearing wheels for a smooth, easy glide over the ground will have you looking forward to the autumn/fall clean-up whether you are run an educational or aged care facility or the parks in a municipal application user!

The 6-blade radial fan, coupled with the wide fan housing, creates more CFM than any other competitor. All models feature seamless housing and ball bearing wheels for smoother, easier rolling over uneven ground.

An adjustable height handle bar fits the machine to the operator for even more comfort.


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