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Chariot iGloss


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Chariot iGloss

Energize your cleaning team.

Designed with Windsor’s Chariot Patented Stand-On Cleaning Technology that significantly increases productivity and cleaning quality. 2000 RPM Flexible pad driver system provides high gloss. Burnishing shroud is engineered to increase air flow and lift dust from floor.

Chariot’s control panel is intuitively organized and easy to operate while steering. Fast and easy access to batteries and other components – even with solution tanks Cleaning times are significantly reduced because maintenance time is minimized. With footprint smaller than a walk-behind or a ride-on the Chariot easily fits into busy environments without disrupting work flow. An ultra-light turning radius enables Chariot to run around in five foot aisles with room to spare. Greater access in tight areas increasing your floor cleaning coverage. Chariot’s innovative step-up design combines the handling and maneuverability of a walk-behind with the speed of a ride-on The Chariot allows for quick and easy battery changes.