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EnviroBoss 6000

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EnviroBoss 6000

The Most Efficient and Effective System in the Drying World.

Show tropical cold and cool/dry weather who’s boss with the versatile EB6000. Unlike any trailer unit on the market today the EB6000 is also ideal for heating cooling and air exchange. Its strong effectiveness in a broad range of real-world water damage applications means the unit performs at its best in all climates with quick and easy set-up.No matter what the class of water loss the EB6000 will tackle any challenge head on.

Product Feature

Dries effectively in all climates: Drying/cooling in tropical (hot/humid) conditions Cooling for hot/dry weather Drying/heating for cold conditions Heating/air exchange for cold/dry weather Split-stream dehumidification for the ultimate application versatility Unrivaled drying at 720 pints/day water removal at AHAM (80°F/60%Rh) and up to 1400 pints/day at 90°/90%Rh High velocity airflow with up to 5 400 CFM (using both air streams) 5-ton cooling A/C at 60 000 BTUs Runs on a generator or a 50-amp circuit (230v) Easy setup and maintenance

Product Specification

Model: F376

Weight: 1400 lbs. (635 kg)

Dimensions HxWxD: 4 x 7.5 x 3.5 ft/ (121.9 x 228.6 x 106.7 cm)

Amp Draw: 37 amps at 80°F/60% Rh

CFM (Two separate air streams): 5400 using both air streams:

  • Cooling/Dehumid. = 1800 CFM
  • Heating = 3600 CFM

Maximum Drying:
1400 pints/day water removal at 90°/90%Rh
720 pints/day at AHAM (80°F/60%Rh)
100+ pints/day (80°F/20%Rh)

BTUs (Cooling Capacity): 5-Ton cooling at 60 000 BTU/hr rated (17.58 kw)

Power: Runs on a 230V 50 amp circuit or generator

Filter: 3M HAF Filters

Duct Ring: Standard 18″ (Flexible Ducting Extra)

Construction: Power Coated Steel