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Magna Bright 1G

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Magna Bright Ceiling Cleaning

Acoustical Ceiling Cleaning Solution

This two-part mix will safely and effectively clean all types of porous surfaces and is especially designed for surfaces that cannot or should not be wiped – such as acoustical ceiling tiles blown-in “popcorn” ceilings unfinished wood and stone and mortar.

It emulsifies and oxidizes soil so that dirt nicotine smoke soot oils and greases are broken down into tiny particles where they fall harmlessly to the ground below. For surfaces that can be wiped or sponged it works like magic in quick and effective cleaning of non-porous surfaces.

In order to maintain acoustical ceilings it is imperative to get them on a scheduled maintenance program as soon as possible. Some acoustical and blown-in ceilings that are heavily soiled and have not been cleaned over an extended period will not be restored with this or any ceiling cleaning solution.

Every job should be pre-inspected and demonstrated to determine effectiveness. The main cleaning solution is activated to increase chemical activity and oxidize soils by an activator solution.

pH Concentrated 10.5 – 11.5

Ready To Use 10.0 – 10.5