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MaxPack Traffic Lane Cleaner


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MaxPack Traffic Lane Cleaner

This ultra-concentrated pre-spray (1:32-64) can safely and effectively clean all types of synthetic carpet including stain resist when used according to directions. Formulated from extensive laboratory and field testing to do the best job of cleaning to not cause resoiling and to keep carpets cleaner longer.

Recommended Applications Heavy Soiling – Residential – Stain Resist Heavy Soiling – Commercial Normal Soiling – Commercial Approved Applications Normal Soiling – Residential – Stain Resist Olefin or Polyester – Residential Commercial Olefin Commercial Restaurant and Food Service General Usage Truck Mount: 1:32 – 64 Portable: 1:32 – 64

pH Concentrated 10.0 – 10.5

Ready To Use 9.5 – 10.5