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Red Subtractor Stain Kit

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Red Subtractor Stain Treatment Bucket

Tested superior to every leading red stain and fruit drink stain removal solution in the industry. By using a unique combination of Steam Way® solutions in conjunction with low pressure steam application from a Wagner® Power Steamer you can safely and effectively remove most stains from synthetic carpeting.

No iron is required which makes the use of this kit less labor intensive less towel wasting less time consuming and less likely to cause carpet color removal than old-fashioned stain treatment solutions.

Simply mix the two solutions together as called for on the label; heavily mist the mixed solution onto the stained area; place the steam applicator hood over the stain; and the stain will disappear within minutes.

The kit contains two solutions a mixing bottle and simple to understand detailed instructions. Spotting Bucket Contents: 1 Pint Solution 1 – Reducing Agent 1 Pint Solution 2 – Activator 1 16 oz. Mixing Bottle with Trigger Sprayer 1 Funnel 1 Laminated Instruction Card