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Torrent Industrial Hard Surface Cleaner


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Torrent Industrial Hard Surface Cleaner

When cleaning tile and grout you need a machine that can stand up to long hours and demanding environments. The Torrent ™ has been specifically engineered for just such environments. Equipped with an HT Technology Triplex Plunger Pump the Torrent can withstand water temperatures up to 185° F and needs no standard service on the pump seals until 3 000 hours. This industrial strength pump has run-dry- seal capability and is adjustable from 400 – 1 200 psi giving the operator the versatility and power they need for tile & grout hard surface cleaning or carpet extraction. Direct water feed increases production by eliminating the need to stop working and fill a solution tank. Automatic waste water dump keeps the recovery tank empty at 2.5 gallons per minute through a standard (3/4″) inch garden hose also increasing production. Other innovations included the dual top-mounted three-stage vacuums that have increased airflow efficiency and dramatically increased water recovery. This means floors will dry quicker and rooms can be put back into use with minimal downtime. With a new upright ergonomic lightweight design the Torrent is easy to transport or store by a single person. Large rear wheels and skid bars allow the operator easy travel up or down stairs. The Torrent will help increase your productivity and cleaning effectiveness contact us today for a free demo of this innovative industrial dual- surface machine

Features and Specifications

– Industrial Pump: 400 – 1 200 psi adjustable extended service intervals (up to 3 000 hours) high temperature (up to 185º F).

– Improved Water Recovery: Top-mounted dual three-stage vacuums have dramatically increased airflow efficiency delivering maximum water recovery.

– Direct Water Feed: Improves efficiency by eliminating the need to stop working to fill a solution tank and reduces cavitation and possible pump damage. An inline filter prevents debris from damaging the system.

– Auto Dump Pump: continuously dumps at 5.5 gallons per minute of waste water eliminating the need to stop working to empty the recovery tank.

– Upright Ergonomic Design: Easy to maneuver up and down stairs as well as in and out of vehicles. Compact design makes for easy storage in the janitor’s closet or on the truck.

– Hoses: 25 foot vacuum hose and solution line that conveniently wraps around the body of the machine

– Tanks and Bodies: Lightweight rotationally molded with lifetime warranty against cracks leaks and dents.

– CRI Certified: Third party tested and received the top GOLD certification for superior cleaning performance for carpet extraction