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Traffic Lane Cleaner Phiber Guard 1G

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Traffic Lane Cleaner Phiber Guard 1G

Its aggressive action against problem soiling will clean the dirtiest of carpets in one wand pass. Its ultraconcentrated formula (1:12-24) will save you money. The most popular cleaning solution that we manufacture. A tried and true favorite for “real-world” cleaning of exceptionally soiled carpets.

Recommended Applications Olefin or Polyester – Residential Heavy Soiling – Commercial Restaurant and Food Service Approved Applications Heavy Soiling – Residential – Stain Resist Normal Soiling – Commercial General Usage Truck Mount: 1:12 – 24 Portable: 1:12 – 24

pH Concentrated 11.0 – 12.0

Ready To Use 10.5 – 11.5