Vaporshark 240v Odour Neutralizer UnitVaporshark 240v Odour Neutralizer Unit

Vaporshark 240v Odour Neutralizer Unit


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Vaporshark 240v Odour Neutralizer Unit

The Vaporshark Unit is designed to provide a simple safe solution to tough odour problems in a broad spectrum of industries and situations.

A neutralising dry vapor is diffused as air passes over replaceable “breathing” membranes to quickly penetrate all porous surfaces ridding the area of residual odours.

The Vaporshark is designed to hold up to five Vaporshark membranes. The sealed membranes contain a proprietary blend of natural oils that are safe effective and provide long-lasting neutralisation without creating ozone or leaving any residues.

The Vaporshark does not require evacuation of the treatment area during use and will not oxidise materials damage fabrics rubber or adhesives or affect electrical components.

Vaporshark provides effective solutions in difficult disaster recovery situations. Vaporshark treats atmosphere contents and structure simultaneously.

Product Features / Benefits

– Does not use or create ozone

– Treats areas up to 50 000cu.ft (1416sq m)

– Convenient two-inch O.D. couplings allow connection to standard hoses for precise vapour delivery

– Typical membrane life is 270 hours

– Can be used freestanding or permanently installed to air handling systems

– Adjustable external air inlet control

– Durable weather proof aluminium housing

– Six foot grounded power cord

– Comfort handle for convenient transport 

– Heavy duty dual hasps with locking capability

– Approximate unit dimensions: 400mm H x 200mm W x 430mm L



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