Progressing your training into 2014 and the $150 thank you special by John Hickey

Hi all,

As I write this, Grant who would normally attend to these duties is in the USA, he is currently in Nashville at the RSA training academy.

Yes he is preparing the new syllabus for the all new WATER DAMAGE CLASS / STRUCTURAL DRYING Restoration class.

At ITI we work very closely with the academy and Dri-Eaz, as we have for some 17 years now.

Just for interest Grant has been an instructor for some 20 years now and as he says time fly’s when you are having fun.

That brings me to the subject that I want to share with you, Training in the CLEANING & RESTORATION BUSINESS, which when done properly is fun and very rewarding financially and professionally when you understand it , and getting great training is where it starts .

With the risk of retelling a story, which some off you would have no doubt have heard.
Some years ago when we first got started in this business I had a chap tell me that all you had to do was clean some carpet and people would refer you to their friends, and best of all you would probably finish work at around lunch time.

Well as the story goes I worked hard at the business and found that lunch time never came and sometimes I had to work late into the night.
Referrals did come and I also found that we got extra work from the customers that we were working for, but it was hard labour, simply because I really didn’t know what I was doing.

Stranger still, the further I went with the business the harder it got, it was clear that something had to change. At about this this time a chap from an American franchise group, happened to come along and spoke with both my wife Robyn and I and in simple terms said that if we we’re serious about the business, we needed to get trained in all facets of the cleaning & restoration business.

Question was where did you go? There was no industry training in Australia to be found and then he said we got our knowledge in the USA. That was a frightening thought, just thinking of going to America for training.
What about the cost?
How can we take the time away from the business?
He then said a few words that we will forever remember
So with those few words, a leap of faith was created, taking 10 days to visit the USA to attend a training class, visit industry operators, we came away, refreshed, a lot of new knowledge in not just the cleaning but also business.

All of the things that we learnt fell into place and our customer base grew quickly and they were the correct customers for our business.
From there we have been huge believers in high quality training. Can you imagine trying to fly an plane or being a Doctor without training, of course not, so how could you expect to be successful in this industry without the necessary education.

Today there is great industry training on offer in Australia and it is easy to get and If you will take a little advice from a happy old man who just loves this industry,
“Go and Get as much information as you can. Practice sharing your business with your customers, ask for referrals, and most of all enjoy your business”.

So how do you get the best quality practical training classes?


Where we have the only certified industry training house in the southern hemisphere, not bad for an Australian Company.

This year is our parent Company’s silver jubilee year, 25 years and so to celebrate the event, we want everyone to benefit.

So we are offering an ITI cleaning class of your choice for a maximum of two people from each company for only $150.00 per person, which equates to a saving of $745.00 per person ,we will be limiting the numbers per class so be quick.

All classes are full ITI Classes; all students will receive lunch and morning & afternoon teas for the duration of the class.

For current ITI members you will need to have your 2014 registration fully paid to take advantage of this great offer.

So which classes are available?

Combined Carpet and Fine Furnishings and Leather.

This gives you the ITI Advanced Carpet Care and Advanced Fine Fabric, Leather and Curtain Cleaning.
You still get the great ITI level of teaching, but in one class instead of two, saving you over 3 days of time and $895.00.

Hard Floor Surfaces
Fire and Smoke Restoration

Specialised classes such as the MOULD and RUG CLEANING class will all be offered this year, in fact Dick Driscoll will be out here in September for one of his world renowned.

Mould Remediation School. Get in quick as numbers are limited, the cost of this class is $1495.00 per person.

Also check out are newly combined Water and Structural Drying class, 5days of intense learning theory and practical base. Remember we have the only flood house in the Southern Hemisphere.

Training has never been this easy. We want you to benefit and help us celebrate 25 years of service to the industry.

Some of the member benefits are:

At ITI we answer a massive amount of questions from all over the country and New Zealand from people who need help, this is a huge benefit to ITI members so don’t forget this service all you have to do is call 1800 068901 and best of all it free to all ITI members.

Don’t forget the web site all ITI members are listed by state with all of your certifications there for prospective clients to see.

I like to compare our industry to the medical profession , a doctor charges a fee of say $70-$80 per visit , but when you visit the specialist the fee for the visit is sometimes $450 -$500, so why would you not be a specialist in this industry.

I guess that this is the reason we spend a lot of time and funds getting new information and training.

ITI Brochures
ITI has available several new brochures all ready for you to use, they cover the following:
Carpet cleaning
Upholstery cleansing
Carpet protection
Introduction brochures with a difference
Thank you Cards

All you have to do is put your details on the back cover with a stamp and they are ready to go.

Call today and get a few now they are inexpensive.

We look forward to seeing you in the training room, have a great day.

Here are also a few tips that could help you along the way:

TIP 1: Speaking with your customers.

How long is it since you have complemented a customer on the way in which they look after their home? There is times where the customer may be a little wary of you, this could be from previous experience or just unsure of a new technician in their home.
Complementing the customer on their priced possession, being their house can bring comfort to them and a more willing customer to advice. Don’t fake it, as they will see right through you.
I have seen this done and done it myself, where a customer has been difficult and with this simple compliment has become a most willing and great return customer.

TIP 2: Marketing

When next you are delivering brochures to you area, try putting the brochure on the front door and not in the letter box
Most people check their mail box open the mail and dump the brochures and junk mail. Whereas the brochure on the door will be read and so the percentage of success has increased just with a slight alteration.

TIP 3: Tell them about yourself

Whilst talking to you customer, take time out to explain your services to them.
You will be amazed just what extra services you will sell, and whilst at it ask to book other services in another month, because sometimes they won’t have the budget to purchase all services in one day.
It is amazing how many businesses assume the customer knows what they do.


It is that time of the year when the renewal of our memberships become due, we are a little late with getting the renewals out to you, however once paid you will receive your NEW 2014 CERTIFICATE and your new card.

All invoices will be e-mailed separately.

We are all looking forward to working with you all again this year and trust that what we may assist in some way.

We certainly wish you all the successes possible and trust that you have a great year.


John Hickey
On behalf of the ITI team



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Get Daily Updates From Us Write Email ID Below