What is the best carpet cleaning method?

If you’re a company providing cleaning services, whether for residential or commercial clients, this is a very important question to ask and answer well.

Aside from having top notch carpet cleaning equipment and commercial cleaning supplies, knowing

what method is best to apply for the different properties you will be servicing is crucial.

A Look into the Different Carpet Cleaning Methods

Before you identify the best approach for cleaning carpets though, the first step is to know what the different methods are.


As the name suggests, this method involves shampooing the carpet to remove loose soil particles. For this method, you can use a cylindrical foam or rotary shampoo machine. Either is good to use for light carpet cleaning, but they are not advisable for deep cleaning as they have a tendency to trap dirt. It’s also said that shampooing only makes the carpet appear cleaner than it actually is, due to its optical brighteners. When using the shampoo method, there’s also the risk of experiencing these: overwetting, resoiling, and cut pile carpet damage.

Dry Cleaning

As opposed to the name, the method actually does not follow a totally ‘dry’ process and instead uses small amounts of water. This, along with a detergent and solvent, is applied to the carpet. This method is good for ‘surface cleaning’ and can be used as a form of maintenance for carpets. It’s also ideal for high traffic areas and when fast drying time is required.

The most commonly used type is bonnet cleaning which uses a pad, or the bonnet, to rub on the carpet and transfer the dirt from the carpet to the pad. In this method, vacuuming is needed before and after the actual process is started. One drawback for using this method is that the chemicals can be harsh and leave a strong odour.

Steam Cleaning

Similar to dry cleaning, the name can be a little misleading as this approach actually doesn’t involve steam in the process. The method, however, involves squirting a fine spray of water to force dirt out of the carpet, and then sucking them up using a vacuum. All this can be done with just one machine and these two processes happen simultaneously. A truck-mounted system or PTO is best used as it provides a ‘deep clean.’ It also allows for the carpet to dry quickly compared to a regular carpet steam cleaner. This method is advisable for carpets that need a full clean.

So what is the best method to clean carpets?

It actually depends on the level of cleanliness your client requires for his home or office. It’s also important to factor in how the carpet is used and how soon it’s needed. If your client needs a light clean, a shampoo clean would do. For surface cleaning for a carpet that needs to be used immediately (needs to dry right after it’s cleaned), then dry cleaning is the best option. For carpets that require a deep and full clean though, steam cleaning is the way to go.

Identify first the specific needs of your clients, and from there you can determine the best method to clean carpets.

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