When it comes to selecting an equipment supplier, it is vital to choose a company that can be relied on to deliver top quality and comprehensive supplies as well as services. Advanced Specialised Equipment is the one company that can give you not just carpet cleaning equipment and products, but also full in-house training systems throughout Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane. In conjunction with Interactive Training International, we offer a wide array of courses that will fully equip you or your staff with the necessary skills and know-how in the field of cleaning and restoration. You will not only get the best quality products, but also the best available training for your industry.

With the use of our purpose-built training house, trainees can see the equipment set-up and physically utilise our range of drying equipment, such as air movers, dehumidifiers, extraction units, and tools. This gives them first-hand and practical experience as well as the confidence to tackle such tasks in real-life settings

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Is service an issue for you? Our dedicated service team will provide you peace of mind with a 24 hour, 7 days a week service line, to get you out of trouble and back up and use your commercial cleaning equipment in no time. We can re-gas your dehumidifiers and cater to various other service needs as we are the official Dri-Eaz products warranty repairer for Australia.

Be sure to check out the online shop and our monthly specials; you might be pleasantly surprised to find a number of our popular cleaning machines and commercial cleaning supplies on sale.


Our products are compliant with warranties under Australian Consumer Law

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We are authorised suppliers of leading brands of locally made surface cleaning products.

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Bringing the best cleaning products to the Australian market at the best prices – guaranteed.

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We promise prompt delivery to your door and you can track your order online.






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Our experienced technicians at Advanced Specialized Equipment Sydney repair, Truckmounts, Portable Extractors, Dehumidifiers, Air Movers, and Floor Scrubbers amongst other items. We even service competitors’ brands so please contact us to see if your model is supported.

While Truckmounts require regular maintenance just like a motor vehicle. Another similarity is that it will depend on the type of usage and conditions. Make sure that your investment will serve you for years to come by maintaining it regularly according to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance frequencies.

One of our strengths at ASE is our dedicated service team. It is our desire that you are completely satisfied with the purchase, and performance of your equipment. Even though we sell the best equipment in the industry, we are aware that even the best equipment can have a failure and the best technicians are human. In the rare event that happens, we will do everything within our power to get it working right and make it right for you. We will also be there to service and maintain your equipment long after the warranty has expired. 1800 068 901


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We have installed hundreds of truckmounts over the years and are proficient with installing fuel tanks, flooring, walls, racking, reels and even lighting.

You have invested in an expensive piece of equipment that needs to be handled professionally, to maximise its efficiency and reliability.

Consideration must also be taken for the safety of you and your crew when on the road. So even if it is a second-hand machine or a change in vans, contact one of our service centres for an installation quote. 1800 068 901


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If you have landed a large contract or have your gear in for repair, we have an extensive range of equipment that is available for hire.

This includes but is not limited to, Dehumidifiers, Air Movers, Carpet Extractors and Ozone machines.

Please contact your local branch for pricing. 1800 068 901


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It is also important for you to understand and maintain your equipment.

Advanced Specialized Equipment

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Trouble Shooting

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There are always times when you overlook minor issues with your truckmount. Please use this guide to resolve the problem on your own.

Download our trouble shooting guide


There are several reasons why you should select our company for cleaning equipment supplies over others of its ilk. The first reason is the speed at which we deliver products. We have the quickest ordering system that you can think of. Our company has great in-built monitoring systems, which make sure that we are never short of stock. This prevents excessive expenditure as well. This saves us a lot of money that way and we pass on that benefit on to you as well, in the form of lower prices. This is the reason why we have such a great reputation in the market for these products.

Yes, you would always get companies that offer commercial cleaning equipment supplies at wholesale prices. These are mostly ones that work with clients such as janitors and contract & commercial cleaners. Therefore, they sell them such products at wholesale prices. You can always get in touch with these companies about the needs you have in this regard. You can be sure that they would try their very best to give you the best value for the money that you pay them. However, you must always act like an aware buyer in these cases. You have to make sure you are getting exactly what you need and nothing else. Otherwise you can expect to pay more than you need to.

Yes, most of the companies that sell cleaning equipment supplies do so in bulk. However, there are a few things that you must keep in mind in this regard. It is always better to buy such an enormous number of products from a company that has sufficient experience in dealing with such orders. It should ideally be a major name or brand that always possesses a big enough inventory that it can deal with such an order. This also would help you make sure that you would get your products shortly, as they would have those quantities ready to go.

When you are attempting to buy carpet cleaning equipment in Sydney, you must keep a few things in mind. The first factor is to never focus only on the price. You should never buy a carpet cleaner that comes with an extra-short or extra-long hose. You should also always check the weight of this device before you buy it. Before you buy any such a tool, you should know what kind of machine it is. You should also have an obvious idea of who would operate the cleaner machine before you buy it. You should ensure it matches your needs.

Yes, any top cleaning products supplier would be more than willing to deliver your order even if it is outside Australia. However, you have to keep some factors in this mind. It is always better that you do such transactions with companies that have immense experience in such work. This may cost you more money, but you can be sure that you would get your product on time and in proper condition. When you are sourcing products from companies who already have experience in dealing with international orders, they will know what things to look out for as well as how to ship to different countries.

Yes, the carpet cleaning equipment that professional users employ is completely suitable for commercial usage. There are several reasons we say this. First of all, these products are effective at removing dirt and odours. Therefore, using such products create a welcoming environment at your commercial property. Keeping your floors clean and well maintain also help you protect the money you invested in your property, as it protects the carpet from other possible bigger problems if you don’t. Such products also promote an environment that is a lot healthier. Clean carpets will help your staff take fewer sick leaves. One of the best benefits of companies that use such equipment is that they clean when you are not working. These products are also great at removing stains. Most importantly, they can help you save a lot of money in the long run.

You have various tools and equipment that people use for cleaning carpets. However, the best options you have for carpet cleaning equipment are truck mounts. A lot of companies these days are making highly advanced machines in this regard. They make them in such a way that they offer the maximum amount of vacuum pressure and heat to make your carpet dryer, cleaner and safer. They have also been designed to last long, and they don’t require much repair and maintenance. At the same time, they consistently offer the best results for carpet cleaning jobs. They can work well, no matter how challenging the environment is.

© 2023 Advanced Specialized Equipment. All Rights Reserved.

© 2023 Advanced Specialized Equipment. All Rights Reserved.