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Tile and Grout Cleaning

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Heavy-Duty Tile & Grout Cleaner Products

We at Advanced Specialized Equipment, specialise in providing a top-quality tile & grout cleaner range. Our degreasers and cleaners are concentrated and contain a high concentration of alkaline. Choose a heavy-duty cleaner from our vast range, they are a great choice to clean any neglected or heavily-used areas as they remove organic materials, soap scum and grease, with ease.

We provide grout cleaning products formulated to remove waxes. We also provide floor finishes of synthetic and acrylic materials. Our products are ideal for tiles, grouts and stone with heavy grease, dirt and grime. We supply a non-acidic tile & grout cleaner which is safe and resistant to any health hazards.

We offer a wide range of products including:

  • Ceramic Tile Cleaner
  • Polished Porcelain Tile Cleaner
  • Unpolished Porcelain Tile Cleaner
  • Grout Cleaner
  • Floor Cleaner for Tile
  • Ceramic Cleaner
  • Natural Stone Cleaner
  • Stone Cleaner
  • Quarry and Terracotta Cleaner
  • Cement Pavers Cleaner
  • Masonry Cleaner
  • Linoleum Cleaner
  • Resilient Floors Cleaner

Our tile and grout cleaner products come with many industrial benefits such as:
  • Designed specifically for the perfect cleaning routine
  • Heavy-duty stone floor cleaner products for any natural stone
  • Specialised tile and grout sealers for hassle-free tile surface cleaning.
  • Non-acidic and will not harm your natural stone, tile or grout.
  • Designed to disintegrate in an environment-friendly manner for quick
  • and natural cleaning solutions
  • Safe and Nontoxic solutions

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Get Daily Updates From Us Write Email ID Below