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We at Advanced Specialized Equipment, specialise in providing a top-quality tile & grout cleaner range. Our degreasers and cleaners are concentrated and contain a high concentration of alkaline. Choose a heavy-duty cleaner from our vast range, they are a great choice to clean any neglected or heavily-used areas as they remove organic materials, soap scum and grease, with ease.

We provide grout cleaning products formulated to remove waxes. We also provide floor finishes of synthetic and acrylic materials. Our products are ideal for tiles, grouts and stone with heavy grease, dirt and grime. We supply a non-acidic tile & grout cleaner which is safe and resistant to any health hazards.

We offer a wide range of products including:

  • Ceramic Tile Cleaner
  • Polished Porcelain Tile Cleaner
  • Unpolished Porcelain Tile Cleaner
  • Grout Cleaner
  • Floor Cleaner for Tile
  • Ceramic Cleaner
  • Natural Stone Cleaner
  • Stone Cleaner
  • Quarry and Terracotta Cleaner
  • Cement Pavers Cleaner
  • Masonry Cleaner
  • Linoleum Cleaner
  • Resilient Floors Cleaner

Our tile and grout cleaner products come with many industrial benefits such as:

  • Designed specifically for the perfect cleaning routine
  • Heavy-duty stone floor cleaner products for any natural stone
  • Specialised tile and grout sealers for hassle-free tile surface cleaning.
  • Non-acidic and will not harm your natural stone, tile or grout.
  • Designed to disintegrate in an environment-friendly manner for quick and natural cleaning solutions
  • Safe and Nontoxic solutions

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  • Flooricover Sealer 1G

    $55.00 $27.50

    Flooricover Sealer Flooricover hard floor sealer gloss finish. Works great with all floors and can be built up to give a hard finish.

  • Gekko SX-15 Head

    $937.75 inc GST

    Gekko SX-15 Head BUILT FOR SPEED The industry’s most advanced tile cleaning tool, the SX-15, just got slimmer. The new Gekko SX-15 attaches an SX-15 head to a Gekko wand to create an even thinner profile for this tile cleaning monster. The Gekko SX-15 was created after numerous requests for a wand-style set up for Read More

  • Premium Gout & Stone Sealer 1G


    Hard Surface > Tools and Accessories > Premium Gout & Stone Sealer 1G Is a professional grade water-based sealer far superior to “Home Center” products.  It can even be used on damp grout right after you clean!  It will protect stone tile and grout from oil and water based-spills and dry soils.  It penetrates deeply Read More

  • Spinergy Extra Strength 11 Alkaline Cleaner

    $42.00 $29.40

    Spinergy Extra Strength 11 Alkaline Cleaner Viper 11 melts away years of built-up grease stains and soil and does it without the use of solvents or caustic builders. Spray it on ceramic porcelain and quarry tile at a 1:4 ratio for heavy duty cleaning. Dilute it further for routine maintenance cleaning. Dilution=1:4 Ready To Use Read More

  • Spinergy Extra Strength 7 Neutral Cleaner

    $42.00 $29.40

    Spinergy Extra Strength 7 Neutral Cleaner Hard Surface Rinse and Maintenance Cleaner It is excellent as a stand alone cleaner when used in regular maintenance through scrubbing equipment extractors or mop and bucket. It cuts and suspends dirt and grease and leaves floors sparkling clean. 1 oz./gal. for rinse and 2 oz./gal. for mopping  pH:7.0 Read More

  • Turbo Juice Blue 1G

    $37.80 $22.68

    Turbo Juice Blue  A high powered cleaning agent to strip away oil grease and soil build-up on floors without the use of harsh solvents. It can be used on concrete masonry ceramic tile porcelain and quarry tile for heavy duty cleaning.It also works excellent for general heavy duty cleaning and maintenance cleaning. Recommended Applications Concrete Read More

  • Turbo Juice Red 1G


    Turbo Juice Red Tile and Grout Acid Cleaner!  For acid-side cleaning of man-made ceramic porcelain bathroom fixtures and quarry tile. This all purpose cleaning and neutralizing agent will simplify your choice of cleaners. It’s versatile and economical formula is nonabrasive and eliminates soap scum mineral scale-up and imbedded stains. Recommended Applications General Floor Cleaning General Read More

  • Turbo Juice White 1G

    $41.58 $21.29

    Turbo Juice White Tile and Floor Neutral Cleaner Used to neutralize and rinse floors after cleaning with Turbo Juice Red or Turbo Juice Blue. Safe on almost all surfaces. It can be used as a stand alone maintenance cleaner for manual or automatic scrubbing on resilient floors linoleum vinyl tile marble concrete terrazzo and rubber. Read More

  • Viper 11

    $50.82 inc GST

    Viper 11 Alkaline Stone, Tile and Grout Cleaner

    Viper 11 is an alkaline pre-treatment cleaner for stone, man-made ceramic, porcelain and quarry tile

  • Viper Peroxiblast

    $95.70 inc GST

    Viper Peroxiblast Hard Surface Cleaning Chemcial

    Peroxiblast Powder penetrates concrete surfaces on contact to soften, lift, and remove a wide range of oils, soils, fats and greases. Can be safely and effectively used with virtually any hard surface floor cleaning brush or mop system.

  • Viper Renew(ORM-D) 1G


    Viper Renew Restorative Tile and Grout Cleaner Item Use Viper Renew when all other cleaners have failed. It works on the acid side of the pH scale removing soils and stains on grout tile and stone that have been neglected for years. Viper Renew actually removes a very thin layer of grout taking with it Read More

  • Viper Venom

    $52.64 inc GST

    Viper Venom Tile Cleaner

    Viper Venom is specifically designed for use on difficult stains and soils found in the toughest of grouts and crevise and ceramic types. When diluted according to the directions, it can also be used on a wide variety of hard surfaces.