“I have been a customer of Advanced Specialized Equipment for 7 years. Advanced Speicalized Equipment provides outstanding service, outstanding products and outstanding support. If you are serious about your business, you must also be serious about your supplier.

As the owner of a Blueline Thermal WaveII and serveral Steamway truckmounted units, I have found that the team at Advanced Specialized Euipment are dedicated to finding the equipment that best suits the need of my business and my staff.

Together with the training programs offered by ITI, they truly provide a complete service for anyone involved in the cleaning and restoration industry.

I would be happy to spend time with anyone who is looking to purchase equipment from ASE and give them an on-the-job view of just how quickly and effectively these machines work.”

Jack Mackay

Owner and operator, Pub Serv Hotel Services and Inside Out Restoration

It’s not often we sit down and put pen to paper when we have had a good experience. You’ve got to admit we all do it! When we get together at a conference, trade show or sitting around the bar afterwards in the evening- we all trade horror stories we have experienced in the cleaning/ restoration industry. Well, today is my day to relate one of those positive experiences.

In November 2006 I attended an IICRC Applied Structural Drying course at Advanced Specialized Equipment in Sydney Australia, run by Grant Hickey of the Interactive Training Institute. I had just completed the IICRC Water Damage Restoration course the month before. This was also run by Grant, so I had a good insight into what to expect and looked forward to continuing my education with Grant as I found him to be a fountain of knowledge when it came to water restoration.

This course is unique in the Southern Hemisphere as you don’t just learn in a classroom situation, you get to apply the knowledge as you learn in thier purpose built flood house in a real life flood environment. Coupled with Grants ability to convey large amounts of information in layman’s terms for us slow minded restorers, you end up with a powerful tool in your water damage toolbox.

You must keep in mind that Grant is not just a teacher/trainer, he has “been there, done that” for many years in the water damage industry and still does on an advisory basis. Another benefit of the course is that you have 18 like-minded restorers around you with a wealth of knowledge gained over many years in the industry.

The course is full-on but not to the point that you get swamped, and if you find yourself struggling, Grant is always on hand to cut through the technical stuff to help you understand. The staffs at ASE and ITI are totally professional and can’t do enough for you, from arranging accommodation or transport to and from the airport to arranging meals.

To John, Robyn, Grant and staff- thank you for all your efforts and professionalism. You are all a credit to the industry of which there is no doubt in my mind that you are the leaders. Your time and my money that was invested have already started to pay large dividends.

Those of you who are thinking of expanding your knowledge and training, I say to you; don’t wait or procrastinate. Get in touch with Grant or John today. It’s the best investment you can make for your business and yourself.

Niel Robertson

Assistant Manager, Capital ChemDry NZ


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© 2023 Advanced Specialized Equipment. All Rights Reserved.