What You Need to Consider When Buying Portable Cleaning Machines

When it comes to cleaning commercial and industrial spaces, brooms, mops and rags simply won’t do. Even some residential areas- particularly those that have extensive carpeting- need more than these simple cleaning tools. These spaces need professional cleaning...

Cleaning Machines That Every Cleaning Contractor Must Have

Planning on setting up your own cleaning business? Or perhaps you’d like to expand your current one? When setting up a cleaning business there are a lot of cleaning supplies you have to procure: brushes, brooms, rags, mops, polishes, cleaners and so on. To establish a...

How To Choose The Best Cleaning Company For Your Business

Cleanliness, whether companies recognise it or not, is a big factor that affects the success of a business. When offices are clean and organised, workers can focus on their jobs, get sick less often and consequently improve productivity. Indeed, keeping your office...

Steam Cleaner v Vacuum and Shampoo: Which Is More Effective?

To maintain the integrity of your cleaning business, quality counts. And that’s why a pristine clean shouldn’t just look the part. It’s important to ensure hygiene and the longevity of floor coverings as well. A steam cleaner is sometimes viewed as an optional extra...

Business Tips: How to Impress Your First-Time Clients

Getting new customers is one of the hardest parts of running any business, but in reality it’s only half the battle. Once you’ve landed that great new client, you need to convince them that they have made the right decision if you want to convert them into a happy...

Top 10 Things You Should Have in Your Cleaning Kit

Commercial cleaners gear up for different types of cleaning jobs. You defend premises from dust, debris and spills, but also come to the rescue during emergencies too. Prepare to obliterate any messy challenge with these top 10 cleaning solutions for every...

5 Mistakes Commercial Cleaners Make

Commercial cleaning is a lucrative profession and cleaning services are always in demand. Because of this, it’s also a highly competitive industry, which means commercial cleaners need to find ways to stand out from the rest. There are a number of common mistakes that...

A Quick Guide: The Perfect Products for Patio Cleaning

During winter it’s easy for outdoor areas to get neglected. Between lack of use, rain, wind and trees dropping leaves, a patio or balcony can very quickly start to look a bit of a mess, and leaving it until spring means there’s a huge job to look forward to when the...

Steam Cleaning: The Eco-Friendly Cleaning Method

As a cleaning professional, you have a responsibility to provide your clients with the best possible level of service, and this means investing in the equipment you need to get the job done. As a cleaner, you spend a good part of your time cleaning carpets and other...


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