It’s no secret that the cleaning industry has mushroomed in the past few years. Here in Australia, the number of companies is staggering and more cleaning companies are opening every single day.

Whatever type of sanitation business you are looking to set up, it’s a good idea to take an

advice or two from the pros, especially if you’re looking to stand out from the rest. Here are several items worth noting:

Identify Your Market

Before jumping into the business, recognising your target market is a must. Are you looking to help out single mothers who need some home cleaning while they go about their day? Do you prefer big companies as clients? Successful establishments know their market and plan a course of action to turn them from prospects to clients.

Training and Learning Never Stops

The pros always keep an eye out for the latest technology. They make sure each employee is properly trained or goes through a refresher once in a while. A competent organisation will find ways to improve, train and teach their staff the most efficient and effective techniques available. For instance, businesses that choose to specialise in carpet cleaning will need to deliver adequate training for the latest carpet cleaning machines (like handling a steam cleaner) or using chemical products for certain types of carpet problems.

Cleans the Place As If It Were Their Property

Good companies develop hardworking staff who understands it’s more than just a job. Reliable cleaners will treat and tidy up a property as if they were cleaning their own place.

An Efficient System is in Place

Systems work for a reason. They provide structure and guidance on what needs to be done in a process. Sanitation departments or industries ensure there’s a system in place for each portion like janitorial services, management, accounting, reporting and more.

Never Undersell

Starter companies mistakenly think that by lowering their rates, they’ll get more business compared to their competitors. However, this is wrong. A reliable and efficient company that takes care of customers is actually favoured nowadays over those that offer the lowest prices. Be competitive where possible, but don’t let cheap services be your key selling point. Instead, focus on the value and quality of work being delivered.

Make Great Customer Service a Priority

A great customer service department is crucial if the goal is to expand the business. Assign a person to follow up on previous clients to check if the cleaning job was done to their satisfaction. Build strong relationships with them. Personalise the service according to each customer and make them feel special. They’ll end up coming back for the great experience and they might just share the story to a friend.

Take Great Care of Your Staff

Remember, without your staff there would be no business. When they go out there to clean (even if you do pay them) they end up carrying your brand name. It’s important they are properly trained, happy and are willing to help your company become a success. Make sure to reward them for a great performance and to ensure they grow within your company as well.

Don’t Just Blindly Accept Any Job

Just because there’s work available doesn’t mean you should accept it. If for some reason you are not comfortable doing the job, then decline. It’s better to focus the time and energy on cleaning work you love to do or working for companies you would rather work with.

Make the Choice…

These are simple but crucial tips that professional cleaners and companies practise. Whether you’re starting out or a seasoned pro, you can benefit from applying these into your current system.

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© 2023 Advanced Specialized Equipment. All Rights Reserved.