To maintain the integrity of your cleaning business, quality counts. And that’s why a pristine clean shouldn’t just look the part. It’s important to ensure hygiene and the longevity of floor coverings as well.

A steam cleaner is sometimes viewed as an optional extra for commercial cleaners, however given the amount of time people spend indoors, adding a steam to the regular vacuum and shampoo has benefits.

The difference between vacuuming and steam

A regular vacuuming effectively removes top layers of dust and dirt, so is ideal for everyday use. But a shampoo or steam also helps to combat stains, remove dust mites and effectively target debris and pollutants that work their way to the inner layers of flooring or upholstery.

When to choose shampoo

Shampoo can be a quick and effective option when you want to work on a particular stain or give a lift to high traffic areas. It produces foam which is very effective at breaking up dirt particles. This foam also lubricates the area so that the shampoo brushes don’t scar flooring. The downside is that the significant amount of foam produced may leave residue deep within carpet fibres.

The benefits of steam

A steam cleaner works to remove dust mites, dirt, grime and pollutants from the lower layers of carpet, upholstery or other floor coverings using hot water. But with steam, cleaners have a degree of flexibility to alter the amount of applied moisture to suit the target surface. This means there is little chance of discolourisation, and the drying time is significantly quicker than with a shampoo. In short, steam cleaners provide a deep hygienic clean quickly and easily.

Chemical matters

Another benefit of a steam cleaner is a significant reduction in the need for chemicals. Carpet shampoos typically contain chemicals, which while effective at removing dirt and stains, can leave residue that affects people with allergies or sensitivities. As a general rule, minimising the use of chemicals is recommended where possible.

A steam cleaner makes good sense if you’re looking to set your business apart and offer additional treatments to your customers. Steam is very effective at deep cleaning floor coverings, and will help ensure carpets look the part, last the distance and most importantly, are hygienically clean.

If you need assistance on the most appropriate steam cleaner, vacuum cleaner or hard floor cleaner for your needs, then we’d be happy to provide tailored advice. Don’t hesitate to get in touch today.



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