Commercial cleaners gear up for different types of cleaning jobs. You defend premises from dust, debris and spills, but also come to the rescue during emergencies too.

Prepare to obliterate any messy challenge with these top 10 cleaning solutions for every professional cleaner.

  1. Steam Cleaner: A steam cleaner targets dirt deep down in the carpet pile. It uses heat to eliminate buried stains and germs. Use your high-powered steam cleaner for quick drying times and portability. High-pressure settings also allow for restoration cleaning of grout and tiles.
  2. Air scrubber: Smells are one of the first things people notice when entering a room. Bad odours carry significant threats like fungal spoors and bacteria. Your air scrubber with certified-HEPA filters eliminates unwanted particles and odours from the air.
  3. Red stain remover: Most dyes react with fabric to become permanent. You can deal with persistent red dye by using a targeted red stain remover.
  4. Microfibre mop: The wonder of microfibre is its ability to attract dust with just one swipe. What’s more, it holds ample water without dripping. Your commercial cleaning crew will find microfibre mops easier to lift when wet too, thanks to their light weight.
  5. Wall cleaning liquid solutions: Washed walls brighten homes, offices and other places like shops and cafés. A good cleaning solution will cut through fingerprints and oily stains without leaving a residue.
  6. Protein spotter: Eggs, baby formula, cheese, sweat and other fluids can result in protein-based stains. Lift protein from fabrics with carefully formulated protein spotter. Severe stains leave behind a residue and require more than one type of treatment. Download our cleaning solutions brochure detailing the best process for stain removal.
  7. Defoamer: Detergent foam build-up can damage your equipment and cut your cleaning efficiency. Add Foam Defense to the prespray to control foam in your vac hoses and waste tank.
  8. Chemical resistant gloves: When working with chemicals, it is important to protect yourself and your crew from dangerous hazards. Help prevent workplace injuries by choosing chemical resistant gloves to protect from burns, allergic reactions, irritated skin and infections.
  9. Flood water extractor: This summer, dispatch your portable flood water extractor for wet carpet emergencies. If you are dealing with dripping ceilings or burst pipes, floodwater extractors dry wet carpets fast. Stop odours and mould before the smell takes hold.
  10. Hard surface cleaning tools: Clean rust and dyes from counter tops with pressure washers. Combat severely soiled grout with tools engineered to loosen dirt from tiles and walls. Put your hard surface tools and attachments to work in tight spaces and corners.

Expand your cleaning arsenal with these top 10 products and pieces of equipment, and remain your customers’ cleaning hero!



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© 2023 Advanced Specialized Equipment. All Rights Reserved.