When it comes to cleaning commercial and industrial spaces, brooms, mops and rags simply won’t do. Even some residential areas- particularly those that have extensive carpeting- need more than these simple cleaning tools. These spaces need professional cleaning machines that are able to deliver a deep clean at a fraction of the time it would take to clean using regular methods.


If you’re planning on getting your own cleaning machines for your space, portable units would most likely be your best choice. Portable cleaning machines such as portable steam cleaners, portable extractors and hard surface cleaners are able to take on large and difficult cleaning jobs while having just the right size and mobility for most residential, commercial and industrial spaces.


Portable cleaning machines come in a variety of specifications. Finding the right one for your needs and your space will require a consideration of a few key factors:


Cleaning Requirements – Of course your first consideration when buying portable cleaning machines or any cleaning machine for that matter, is your area and its cleaning requirements. Do you have a carpeted office or a large warehouse with concrete floors? Does the space have high foot traffic as well as heavy machinery? What kind/s of dirt will you need to clean? All these factors will determine exactly what kind of portable cleaning machine you’ll need.


Power – The more powerful the machine, the better able it is to clean. With portables however, power can sometimes be compromised for convenience and size. But some portable cleaning machines are able to strike the right balance and still have enough power to give you a great clean.


Features – Portability should not be your only concern when purchasing portable cleaning machines. Of course you’ll want your money’s worth, and to get that you’ll need more than just portability from your machine. Many portables today offer more than just their convenient size and mobility; they also have additional features such as automated function, adjustable power settings for different types of cleaning jobs, built in muffler system for quiet operation, etc. These features can cater to your specific needs and give you more value for your money.


Weight – If you think you’re going to have to carry these machines at some point, you’ll need to consider the actual weight of the machine. Try carrying and pushing the machine before buying it, and also consider how much heavier it will become with water and cleaning solution in it.


Support – Last but certainly not least, you’ll want your machine to be backed by a reliable supplier, one that can provide support and maintenance services for your machine should you need it. Advanced Specialized Equipment is one such supplier. We not only provide the largest range of mounted and portable cleaning equipment in Australia, we’re also able to provide reliable after-sales support, as well as training and maintenance services for truck mounted equipment. Give us a call today on 1800 068 901 to enquire.



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© 2023 Advanced Specialized Equipment. All Rights Reserved.