Whether you have just decided to start a cleaning business or you have been in the game for a while, you need to have the right commercial cleaning products to make sure that you can do the best possible job for your clients.

Industrial drum vacuum cleaners and janitors equipment

Here are five essential things for every cleaner to have in their toolkit.

1. Vacuum cleaner

The first thing which comes to mind for most people when thinking about commercial carpet cleaning equipment is a good quality vacuum cleaner. Ensure that the vacuum cleaner has strong suction and sufficient capacity to hold a lot of mess without needing to be emptied at frequent intervals. Also bear in mind what kind of range the cord has, particularly if you expect to be cleaning large halls and rooms.

2. Floor polishing machine

Nothing screams “professional cleaning” quite like a spectacularly polished floor. Before investing in one of these machines, obtain advice on the right product for the types of floors that you will primarily be working on – for example, hardwood or linoleum.

3. Safety signs

The risk of having your employees or patrons at premises which you are engaged to clean slip or fall in wet areas can be significant. An important – and inexpensive – way to protect yourself against legal liability is to ensure that you have an ample supply of “wet floor” signs, and that you actually use them. This is particularly important if you work at premises which are still open while you are at work, such as hospitals or shopping centres.

4. Good quality rubbish bags

The importance of this equipment is easily overlooked, but if you have ever collected large amounts of rubbish only to have it spill everywhere due to a broken rubbish bag, then this will likely be number one on your list.

5. Chemicals

Chemicals which have been custom-designed for commercial cleaning are a key requirement for any professional cleaner. Look for specialised commercial cleaning products to deal with specific jobs, whether it is spot cleaning, odour removing, general cleaning or eliminating heavy duty biological materials.

Once you have kitted out your equipment trolley with these five essential items, you will be in a good position to make an assessment of what additional products you might need. Contact Advanced Specialized Equipment to obtain more information, and see our blog for other tips and tricks to help your business thrive.



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© 2023 Advanced Specialized Equipment. All Rights Reserved.