Having a carpet can be an expensive investment. One wrong move in your cleaning practice, and you could permanently damage it and say goodbye to hundreds of dollars’ worth of money in an instant.

At Advanced Specialized Equipment, we want you to take proper care of your floor coverings, so we’ve

come up with these common carpet cleaning notions that most homeowners would do good without.

1.       All cleaning methods are the same.

No, not all services are created equal. There are two major types you can choose from: hot water extraction and dry cleaning.

Dry-cleaning for carpets is a different process from that of clothes. In fact, there are three types homeowners can pick from:

  • Dry- Encapsulation – uses chemical polymer directly applied to the carpet.  The product is then scrubbed into the carpet and allowed to dry. The residue is then vacuumed out removing the encapsulated soil
  • Dry- Bonnet Cleaning – almost similar to the encapsulation method except that there’s a cotton bonnet applied to the carpet in order to remove the soil and chemical out. The bonnet is hooked to a carpet cleaning machine which spins it from side to side. Once the bonnet becomes saturated, it is replaced with an unsoiled one and the process is repeated.
  • Dry- Compound Method – this process uses a wet, sawdust-like mixture. Machines will brush the mixture onto the flooring, and in theory, it will absorb all the grime and dust. Once dry, it is then vacuumed away.

Hot Water Extraction is the second type of method. This is considered more effective because it blasts a hot water mix into the material at high pressure. It is then immediately sucked out along with the dirt, dust and grime embedded in it. Air movers or dryers can then be used to make it dry faster.

2.       The company with the best equipment is the one you should go for.

This idea should be tossed out. Plenty of companies are fully capable of cleaning carpets using high-tech gadgets, but not everyone trains their personnel properly enough on how to use their machines effectively. It’s best to go for a company with a highly competent staff first rather than base it on the type of machines they have.

If you are a business looking for superior quality training for your staff, here at Advanced Specialized Equipment, we provide dedicated training through ITI or Interactive Training International. We are Australia’s premiere training organisation, offering world class facilities and the best hands-on program to ensure your members will be competent and certified for the cleaning and restoration industry.

3.        Washing carpets in DIY fashion is just like what professionals do.

Unless you are professionally trained, hiring an expert service is still ideal. Sure, there are machines you can use and operate yourself. But most of these often only inject water into the rug without any means of sucking it all back out. This prolongs the drying time and can be grounds for mould and mildew to build up.

4.       Dirt removal is the only reason you need to clean.

Carpets are used every day. And if there is heavy traffic in the area, it will not only store dirt, but also cigarette smoke, fungus, bacteria and tons of other chemicals you can’t see. When left alone, it can accumulate and cause infections or trigger allergies.

5.       Professional companies should give you an exact quote when you inquire.

Professional services often consider several aspects when it comes to quoting a price. Some of the most common questions they ask include finding out how many square meters of room they need to clean. They might also ask about the degree of soiling, i.e. how long has it been since the floor cover was cleaned? The longer it has been left unclean, the higher the price. Another thing they inquire about is the type of carpet. Certain types are more difficult to clean than others.

Stop hanging on to these notions. When it comes to taking care of your floor covers, make sure you understand the basics. Find a professional company that offers great service for a reasonable cost. Keep in mind, carpets are an investment. It’s only wise you take care of them and make them last.

Here at Advanced Specialized Equipment, we provide top quality cleaning supplies and equipment for various companies in the industry. The company supplies to some of the biggest hospitals and offices in Australia.

Small and large companies can greatly benefit from our services. From dehumidifiers, microfiber products and of course, carpet cleaning materials, we carry them. We even offer training services if you want your sanitation staff to be properly trained.

For great quality service, the best quality equipment and supplies, top notch training and a true 24/7 availability; call us at (02) 9898 1555. You can also email us for queries at this address: grant.stevens@advancedse.com.au

No need or task is too small. At Advanced Specialized Equipment, we make your cleaning needs a priority. 



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© 2023 Advanced Specialized Equipment. All Rights Reserved.