Businesses can be super fussy when it comes to hiring a commercial cleaner. You have to impress your clients (and often their customers too!) in a very competitive marketplace.

So how can you increase your value in the eyes of your clients?

Here are our four top tips to consider.

  1. Provide a range of equipment

With a larger range of equipment, you can offer a broader service to your clients.

For example, diversify your stock for different types of floors and surfaces. Be ready for cleaning emergencies – providing a portable dehumidifier to eliminate damp in a water-damaged area for example is sure to impress your clients.

By adding to your equipment, you won’t be driving your clients elsewhere in an emergency, and you’ll be promoting your business as the one to go to for quick, reliable results.

  1. Go green

By offering eco-friendly cleaning solutions, you can help your clients minimise their impact on the environment. Explain the differences between steam cleaning and dry cleaning to your clients. Give them a choice of carpet cleaning services.

Suggest ways for your clients to reduce their carbon footprints by participating in proper recycling processes. Introduce your clients to the benefits of eco-friendly cleaning products, and chemical free, wet and dry microfibre cloths. Together you can promote and use green initiatives.

  1. Be presentable

As a commercial cleaning business, your people need to appear neat and tidy; especially if they work onsite during your client’s opening hours. A corporate uniform and communicated policy on hygiene and protective clothing helps promote a professional image your clients will appreciate.

  1. Communicate effectively

Convey the improvements you make to your products and services to your clients, so your value to them is kept top of mind. Have regular discussions with your customers about their needs and the solutions you can offer, and seek feedback on your services.

Doing this regularly helps ensure that you’re meeting your client’s needs, and they are happy with your service.

This personal touch can also help you stand out from the crowd of other commercial cleaners, particularly if you run a smaller cleaning business.

By getting the basics right, and clearly communicating your value, you will have the foundation for a long and successful relationship with your commercial cleaning clients.



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Stay up to date with the latest news

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© 2023 Advanced Specialized Equipment. All Rights Reserved.