First Time In Australia: Trauma Scene Clean-Up And Mould Remediation Training Courses

ITI Offers The Best Trauma Scene Clean-Up And Mould Remediation Training Programs In The World Presented By The World Class Instructor; Professor Richard Driscoll!

Don’t Miss Out On A Unique Opportunity To Make More Money!

These qualifications are internationally recognized, which is an excellent step to progress your career in the cleaning industry, both in Australia and abroad.

Mould Remediation and Trauma Scene Clean-up will allow you to grow your cleaning business into a more specialized and profitable area

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“Pre-Owned Truck Mount Fitted in South Australia For Port Augusta”

“Business Building and Demonstration Day 2015”

“Advanced Specialized Equipment” invites you to  Cleaning and Restoration Customer Day which will be held on:

25th February 2015

68, Reservoir Road, Modbury, Adelaide, South Australia

In this interactive Customer Day we will have seminars conducted by industry leaders and will combine technical input and practical experience. It is designed to ensure that everyone who attend the day take away new skills that enables them and their team to perform to the peak of their abilities to push the boundaries in delivering better and high quality performance.

This day has been brought to you by Advanced Specialized Equipment and its Adelaide dealer – Cleaning Trade Sales and Service. The technical talks given by industry leaders will combine a practical workshop design to give you maximum potential as cleaner, carpet cleaner and restorers which you cannot afford not to attend.
This one day business day will boost the revenue in your business. You can also benefit from the exclusive offers on products that will be on offer on the day.

By the end of the day you will discover:

  • The Latest Cleaning And Restoration Methods And Techniques.
  • Secrets To Grow Your Business; Gain Advantage Over Your Competitors And Change Your Business Life.
  • Proven Money Making Strategies For Developing A More Profitable Business.

To register, please contact Domenic at (08) 8395 9409 or send him an email to


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© 2023 Advanced Specialized Equipment. All Rights Reserved.