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  • All Purpose Powder Rinse 10KG

    $107.50 $50.00

    All Purpose Powder Rinse  All purpose powder rinse is a high performance powdered detergent that can be used on all fibers. Cleaning action allows emulsification of water and oil based stains and soils. This low foaming product rinses and cleans with very low residue. Carries non-corrosive products that help maintain your equipment. pH to use Read More

  • All Purpose Pre-spray 5L


    All purpose Pre-spray (5 L) This powerful pre-spray can be used together with all purpose powder rinse or emulsifying rinse for all your cleaning needs on all types of fibers. The solvent based product has best results on oils grease body oils and other common soils. pH to use is 8.5

  • All Solv Extreme


    All Solv Extreme Multi-Purpose Stain Remover All Solv Extreme is a multi-purpose gelled solvent formulated for use on carpet and fabric that is designed to remove ballpoint pen stamp pad duplicating marking writing felt tip and colored art inks. It also works effectively on latex enamel spray and other types of paints. It can also Read More

  • Amped Enzyme Booster Additive


    Amped Enzyme Booster Additive It boosts the performance of Surge Traffic Lane cleaner to tackle tough biological soils such as urine blood and protein stains. Amped uses enzymes – substances that promote faster chemical reactions – that boost the ability of detergents and emulsifiers to attack and dissolve the organic soils commonly found in carpet Read More

  • ASII Anti Static Treatment 1G


    AS II Anti Static Treatment 1G A highly effective topical treatment for the effective neutralization of static electricity in carpeting. Application of this product to the carpeting will protect computers and other sensitive electronic equipment. This solution should not be used on stain resist carpeting unless directed by the warranty holder. This product has been Read More

  • Avenge Pro


    Avenge Pro Spotter Your do everything spotter!! Avenge Spotter has long been the standard for professionals to safely and effectively remove all types of spots spills and stains. Avenge Pro™ moves to the next level with its unique synergistic action. Avenge Pro™ will work alone on a wide variety of difficult stains including protein stains Read More

  • Avenge Stain Remover 1G


    Avenge Stain Remover Bridgepoint’s Legendary Spotter For Safe and Effective Removal of Most Stains! Avenge Spot and Stain Remover has a neutral pH and yet will remove over 85% of stains from carpet and upholstery safely and effectively! Avenge has a unique synergistic action that works extremely well on most water-based stains as well as Read More

  • Bio Break Enzyme 8LB


    Bio Break Powered Enzyme Ideal for restaurants or residential family rooms. Bio Break uses enzymes best suited for breaking down heavy grease and the soil build-up it causes. Five to ten minutes of dwell time is all it should take. Highly concentrated for excellent economy! Powdered form means long shelf-life. Dilution = 1-2 oz./gal.  pH=9.8 Read More

  • Boost All 2.5LB


    Boost All Boost All has alkaline builders and color safe oxygen bleach to add to your carpet and upholstery solutions to boost cleaning effectiveness and brighten the finished look. Helps brighten dingy traffic lanes Remove water marks Correct browning Great on oriental rug fringes Dilution.= 1 oz. / gallon of prespray pH= 9.5 to 10.5 Read More

  • Buff All 2.5LB


    Buff All If you need the bleaching and brightening action of Boost All but the high pH may be harmful add Buff All to the solution. Keeps the alkalinity of your prespray from harming high-risk carpets and upholstery. Use this solution to clean oriental fringes without worry of browning. Buff All is safe to add Read More

  • Carpet Dry Cleaning Prespray 20L


    Carpet Dry Cleaning Pre-spray High quality Bonnet cleaning chemical. Does not contain any optical brighteners. Ready To Use

  • Carpet Dry Cleaning Rinse 20L


    Carpet Dry Cleaning Rinse Acid based rinse aid for use in conjunction with Carpet Dry Cleaning Pre-spray in your bonnet cleaning process.