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  • All Solv Vandalism Remover 750ML


    All Solv Vandalism Remover 750ML All Solv is our toughest solvent and is designed for use only by professionals. It works on a wide range of stains: graffiti spray paint lipstick fingernail polish ink oil grease rubber cement… the list goes on and on. All Solv evaporates completely leaving no resoiling residue.

  • Avenge Stain Remover 1G


    Avenge Stain Remover Bridgepoint’s Legendary Spotter For Safe and Effective Removal of Most Stains! Avenge Spot and Stain Remover has a neutral pH and yet will remove over 85% of stains from carpet and upholstery safely and effectively! Avenge has a unique synergistic action that works extremely well on most water-based stains as well as Read More

  • Citrus Solv 1 GL


    Citrus Solv Citrus Solv 100% Active for Extra Cleaning Power! Our most effective best selling additive! Citrus Solv is a must whenever you face the toughest cleaning situations. Made from citrus solvents Citrus Solv is 100% active! That means no carriers or fillers just the most powerful citrus solvent cleaning additive on the market! This Read More

  • First Action 5L


    First Action General Carpet & Upholstery Spotting Solution Your first response to virtually every spill spot or stain on virtually every carpet. It is ideal for spotting and removing spills caused by common household food and beverages. It is also effective on iodine spills. First Action contains a special additive which allows it to make Read More

  • Gel Break Pint


    Gel Break Pint Gum Gel is a citrus solvent formulated to stay on the spot full strength and work fast. You won’t find a better chemical for gum removal. It also does a killer job on a wide range of other spots such as tar grease cosmetics and most types of ink. Don’t worry Gum Read More

  • General Purpose Spotter Quart

    $47.00 $35.00

    General Purpose Spotter Quart General Purpose Spotter removes a variety of water soluble soils as well as water insoluble particulate matter. It suspends water insoluble soils such as fine sand and dust without generating the foam that so often interferes with rinse extraction. General Purpose Spotter also contains an embrittling polymer that allows efficient vacuuming Read More

  • Home Pro Spotter


    Home Pro Spotter 12 oz. Spot & Stain Remover  Blue Customized Label HomePro Spotter has a neutral ph which is safer for both people and fibers yet is unbelievable in its ability to remove stubborn spots and stains.  Delivered ready for you to pass out.

  • Ink Remover Quart

    $25.95 $18.17

    Ink Remover Solvent This new solvent spotting formula is specifically designed to effectively treat and remove a many types of inks – ballpoint magic marker stamp pad and printing ink. It special blend of organic solvents allows it to treat and remove many different types of commonly spilled inks. Recommended Applications All types of ink Read More

  • Oil Grease & Cosmetic Spotter Quart

    $39.80 $29.00

    Oil Grease & Cosmetic Spotter Quart Oil Grease Cosmetic (OGC) Spotter is useful for removing a variety of oil soluble stains such as grease lipstick ink and shoe polish. OGC contains a proprietary blend of organic solvents that quickly dissolve these difficult substances.

  • Paint Ink Grease (PIG) Remover1G


    Paint Ink & Grease (PIG) Remover  P.I.G. works like other non-volatile solvents except for one important difference: You can rinse it off with water! Not only does it out-perform most other paint oil and grease removers but it also takes care of ink tar gum cosmetics nail polish marker and transmission fluids easily. When you’ve Read More

  • Pet Odor and Stain Prespotter 1G

    $35.00 $24.50


  • Pet Odor and Stain Treatment 1G

    $55.00 $38.50

    Pet Odor and Stain Treatment  Pet Stain and Odor Treatment is specially formulated for follow-up treatment of urine contaminated soft surfaces such as carpeting and rugs upholstery draperies bedding mattresses and clothing. Pet Stain and Odor Treatment uses enzymes that gently but effectively attack a variety of biological fluids including feces vomit and urine. This Read More