Cleanserv PB51/2000 Battery UHS Burnisher

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Key Features

  • Burnishing deck raises for easy pad replacement
  • 2000rpm pad speed for incredibale gloss finish
  • Multi-Flex pad driver
  • 51cm pad size
  • Long battery run time up to 3 hours of continous burnishing
  • PAMS Passive dust filtration for optimum dust control
  • Simple, easy pad change
  • Traction drive for increased productivity and ease of use.


Do you want more power, comfort and efficiency? Try the battery-driven ultra high speed burnisher Cleanserv PB51/2000 ? the new dimension in burnishing.

High polishing performance, excellent manoeuvrability, dust extraction and easy operation are only some of the many advantages the Cleanserv PB51/2000 has to offer

Burnishing up to 1,600 m² per hour, brilliant results are guaranteed – e.g in schools, department stores, offices and hospitals. All operating elements incl. the pressure adjustment are within easy reach; the variable handle bar guarantees fatigue-free working. Burnishing dust is collected in the disposable dust filter bag and the extracted air is filtered.



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© 2023 Advanced Specialized Equipment. All Rights Reserved.