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Formula D 1G


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Formula “D”

Fine Fabric Rinse Browning Prevention/Correction Dye Stabilizer

This versatile brown-out prevention and correction solution can be used as an acid rinse or a topical “soure”. Cellulosic browning can be corrected most of the time with this solution. Formula “D” works effectively to prevent and correct cellulosic browning and browning created by other chemical imbalances.

Recommended Applications: Wool Carpets Normal Soiling – Residential – Stain Resist Heavy Soiling – Residential – Stain Resist Olefin or Polyester – Residential Normal Soiling – Commercial Heavy Soiling – Commercial Restaurant and Food Service General Usage 1 – 3 oz./Gallon

pH Concentrated 1.5 – 3.0

Ready To Use 2.0 – 4.5