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Hydro Break 1G

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Hydro Break  

It actually penetrates pores of the surface being cleaned surrounds the soil particles lifts them away and holds them in suspension for removal or rinsing.

FAST: Hydro-Break goes to work on greasy soils the second it is applied. Highly active surfactants coupled with water-soluble solvents cut through layers of old oxidized oils and grease to bring quicker and more efficient cleaning.

SAFE: Hydro-Break has a controlled pH under 10. It is safe to use on most fabrics where water is safe.

FREE RINSING: Hydro-Break will not contribute to re soiling. When used as a traffic lane cleaner Hydro-Break will easily rinse from the carpet along with the soil. When bonnet cleaning Hydro-Break residue will not attract soil when dry.

Hydro-Break is an advanced cleaning formulation used as a traffic lane cleaner pre-conditioning spray and bonnet cleaner. Hydro-Break is manufactured with the highest standards of quality and is safe on carpet when used as directed.

Hydro-Break requires no additional chemicals to aid performance.

pH: 10.5