Hydro Break 1GHydro Break 1G

Hydro Break 1G

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Hydro Break  

Hydro Break – Traffic Lane Bonnet Cleaner

Hydro Break is a great all-purpose prespray for residential and commercial carpets and for oriental rugs. It is also well-formulated for bonnet-cleaning! Using Hydro Break, you can achieve great penetration and soil suspension. This one’s your work-horse. Rinses easily, and leaves low residue!

Dilution Ratios: 2 cups/gal. RTU pH: 9.5 Contains: 1 gallon

“We at Shaw Industries believe that the use of Bridgepoint products as part of a proper maintenance process (or program) will help insure that your carpet meets your highest expectations. We highly recommend the use of their low moisture system with a cylindrical brushing machine called Brush Pro for interim maintenance and have also have found Bridgepoint products designed for restoration cleaning of your commercial carpets to be some of the best products in the industry.”

–Charlie Rollins; Director of Product Support, Shaw Industries, Inc.

pH: 10.5 

Hydro Break Spec Sheet

SDS Hydro Break



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