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Injectidry Adaptidry

The ADAPTIDRY is specifically designed to work with several pieces of drying equipment. The MAX Force and Phoenix Guardian HEPA filter make a perfect companion to the ADAPTIDRY. This ADAPTOR fits in well with today’s trend toward less destructive and non-invasive drying. Increasingly Certified Industrial Hygienist are asking for more control and faster drying. The ADP5 & ADP9 fit 12” 14” 16” & 18” rings: Axial fans MAX Force Air Wolf Phoenix Guardian HEPA Abatement Technologies 1800 & 2400 Air Scrubbers and others.

This adaptor fits with the trend globally towards less destructive, non-invasive green drying techniques. Injectidry’s own water damage remediation, Bales Restoration is leading the way with their green drying and water removal techniques. Increasingly, we see a trend with Certified Industrial Hygienists asking for more control of their equipment and faster drying capabilities.

The Adaptidry ADP-5 is versatile drying tool in that it can not only be used positively and negatively, but it can adapt to a wide range of sizes of input/output. With the ADP-5 you can turn your existing inventory of HEPA air scrubbers into effective wall/ceiling drying machines and capture virtually all harmful debris like dust and mold and it’s capable of drying approximately 20 linear feet. Because of the large area that is pressurised, it’s not always necessary to drill holes in cabinets, walls and hardwood floors.


Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 35 × 35 cm



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